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Since I take a lot of photos of boats (in order to sell them) I have quite the collection.

Today I share some of them with you! We are still amazed about the quantity of ships sailing around in Dutch waters... Stunning, Fast and in good shape... Traditional sailing in the Netherlands! These are all charter vessels, so you are able to book them! Feel free to check out the links and get detailed information about the ships.

The Fortuna - there was not a lot of wind but in this cases you can make the best ship portraits :D

The Confiance racing against the tides.

The Victoria S - a 2 maast Klipper Arc (I think) - quite the fast ship and a sight so see.

The Victoria S The Victoria S again. Fun fact: we sailed about 10 knots when I took this photo and they pressed hard to overtake us but no success :-P

This is what it looks like on a normal day around the islands in the Netherlands.

The Ambulant - As she sails by you definitely will take some photos. The owners got 3 ships and they are almost the identical. Fast - Sleek and quite luxurious.

The Vliegende Draeck (Flying Dragon) rushes over Dutch waters. (sometimes - its not really the fastest vessel :D)

The Maxima - the name is the game - one of the fasts sailing ships around - reconstructed to be basically a yacht. You can sail this beast with 2 people alone.

The Zeven wouden - This beauty can sail quite hard - i saw it a few times with a lot of wind and full sails... I had the opportunity to sail this one this year but I needed to pass due to time constraints. maybe next year!

The Store Baelt - huge ship - very cool skipper but the damn thing is just to heavy to sail properly :/ - still as all sails are up it is a eye catcher.

I picked these photos pretty randomly and I have a ton more - show this post some steem and I'll do another round :)


They all look great @ricpicks, but the first one has something special ... maybe because of the deep clouds, I don't know, just like it ;)

not sure why I choose it to be the first one but maybe that was the reason :) - glad you like them all!


To be honest, I don't like the second one so much, because this green color of the ship does not suit to the green sea in my opinion. But your photo itself is super with the dramatic clouds and the waves - it's only the ship and this is not your fault ;)

I really do like the harsh and hard contrasts in the 2nd one, the confiance is quite good for these sort of shots :) - I did the photo for a friend of mine who sails on the ship.

We here say "Geschmäcker sind verschieden" what means something like "tastes are different from person to person", and I hope you do not mind my taste ;) Wish you a nice evening.

ich finde es immer wieder witzig wie man dann nach zich kommentaren merkt das man auch deutsch mit einander sprechen kann :D und klar man, geschäcker sind verschieden... die farbe der confiance gefällt vielen nicht :-P


Ups, ich habe nur "Netherlands" gelesen und nicht jeder Niederländer spricht Deutsch ;)

ja das stimmt, die meißten aber doch, aber ich bin auch deutscher :) bin gerade in der heimat in dresden...

So many beautiful ships! The picture of the Fortuna definitely catches the eye.

Yeah, this one is something :) cool you still checking my blog 🙏🏻

I was mostly offline due to work for almost 3 months, am trying to get online and on here at least twice a week now. :) I always look forward to seeing your posts and pictures.

it is very good post ... love your fotos ... sailing it is greates pasion ... thank you

thanks aple, its my pleasure! greez to poland - you have quite the sailing tradition as well :) - feel free to resteem.

So beautiful ❤️

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