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About Safu Network

SAFU NETWORK is a decentralized finance project with Charity program integrated which is allowing users access to the transparent loans, insurance contracts, pooled investments, and more for a financial freedom that allow not just turning inefficient money into efficient money, but does so in a safe way. Safu network Charity program will help in fighting against poverty and help vulnerable class of people to survive, with this program, we aim to allocate 2% of Safu Network profit to charity program. Safu network has world’s safest cryptocurrency & Fiat Compatible wallet with all DEFI features.


SAFU Network has the world’s safest cryptocurrency & Fiat Compatible wallet, a multi-function wallet containing a high-yield farming and static staking pool which helps you Store, send, receive, Buy, sell, swap and stake for passive income quickly and securely with all the advantages of a other wallets and centralized/decentralized exchange, but you are retaining complete control of your funds within Your SAFUWALLET by Saving your Seed phrase, you have control to your funds and with Safe Network, Funds are SAFU.

Cryptocurrency is a sort of money which uses progressed records as money. Ordinarily, the records are made using comparable methodologies as cryptography. Advanced monetary forms use ‘decentralized control’, which infers that they aren’t obliged by one individual or government. This is assorted to ‘concentrated’ electronic money and public banks. The control of each computerized cash works through a scattered record or an overview of trades shared by everyone, typically a blockchain, that fills in as a public money related trade informational collection. #Bitcoin, first conveyed as open-source programming in 2009, is every now and again called the fundamental decentralized cryptographic cash.

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The universe of decentralized record rotates around the blend of standard bank organizations with blockchain development. In the wake of blowing onto the scene in August 2018, the business has viably amassed a strong after and a value of more than $67.65 billion. Close to 30 of the best 100 cryptographic types of cash as of now situated by market cap similarly feature on the overview of DeFi projects. This number is likely going to keep going up as more monetary benefactors fill the market. On the off chance that you’re restless to enter the market, or sink your ties further into it presently is the ideal chance.


  • SafuWallet & SafuPay
  • Dex
  • swap
  • Liquidity
  • Pool
  • Charity
  • Dice game



We have made SAFU Token (SAFU) a Great Token develop the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) open and usable by everyone or more each of the a Fiat convertible token through different portions sections. With SAFU Token and our establishment, you will deliver simple income with all #DEFI features fuse yet not limited to exceptional yield developing, static stamping pool, Liquidy locking and that is just a glimpse of something larger.






● CONTACT ADRESS AT BINANCE SMART CHAIN (BSC):0x3b529e373fa083a6e4f8d199a002ac4f7074f586




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