Some simple strategies to survive in danger

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When in danger, people lose their ability to think normal. That's normal. But if you want to live if you are in danger, then you have to keep your head cold. 16.jpg
If you know some common methods you can survive in many dangers. Let's know today how to get rid of the sudden hazard-

  1. Cars1(98).jpg

Suddenly, if your car does not break the brakes, instead of being excited, tell your fellow passenger to take a seat belt. Burn the emergency lights, so that other drivers realize that your car breaks. Use the manual brake.

  1. Follow1(99).jpg

If someone follows you, do not hesitate to flirt over. Keep the head cool. Measure the distance between yourself and the followers at the beginning. Look around and see where people are crowded. Go anywhere. Your danger will be cut.

  1. Jungle1(100).jpg

If you walk around in the hills or in the jungle, think that you have lost. Fix yourself. Strike the tree with the direction you walk on. If you are hands or hands, walk right.

  1. Heart attack1(101).jpg

If you feel like having a heart attack. Call the ambulance. Do not be scared. Give cough. And breathe tightly. Do not panic until the doctor or ambulance arrives.

  1. Earthquake1(102).jpg

Earthquake may occur. At that time of course, you would not want to get out of the house. Try to keep yourself calm at the beginning. Take place under heavy furniture.


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