Sold Out Of SafeMoon

in #safemoon4 months ago


It was a solid run and I hit my return goal both against USD and BNB.

It has tons of traction on social media so it is hard telling what it is capable of. It was trending on Twitter yesterday and they are going to push to be on trending again today.

Certainly could continue to make some crazy moves. It has a great community!

Are you guys still in SafeMoon?


I've never even heard of Safemoon... Is that like a safe word? 🤣

My friend said, "It's the Safest Way To the Moon."

The marketing really got to him and then somehow a token put out there by some group of n00bs went hockey stick parabolic. Hahhahah

Go figure

Sounds like DOGE.. a joke coin

Yeah they tried to capture some of that magic in a Bottle.

Imagine DOGE mixed with HEX to create an inbred baby pumped by n00bs.

Crazy are cryptocurrencies and it blows minds everytime @brianphobos, I do think that it still has a lot of room to grow. :)