Back In SafeMoon 🔐🌚 (It's On HotBit Now)

in #safemoon7 months ago


SafeMoon is on Hotbit now which I'm happy about. Generally I have had a good experience with HotBit. I jumped back in because it had crashed back down in the last couple of days.

Previously I got in with 2 BNB and got out with 4 BNB so I was happy and it pulled back but I didn't get back in which turned out to be a mistake.

It went wild and went on a DOGE like parabolic run which was epic. We will see what happens this time around. It has been added to about 6 different exchanges.

Are you guys in SafeMoon?


Many says that Safemoon is a pump and dump coin @brianphobos because in their twitter account you can determine it with their kind of tweets. But I guess that you are exercising a caution with your investment unto it. :)

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