Crack the Safe #24 - Earn Steem Power

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Welcome to the number 24 game of Safe Crack created by @keverw

Game 23 has been paid out.

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TL;DR: Upvote this main post and comment a 4 digit number more than 0000 to enter

Safe Crack is a game where you guess a 4 digit code to unlock the safe. Whoever is closest to the actual code wins.

The contents of the safe are the post rewards that are paid out as STEEM and SBD after the first payout in approximately 24 hours. Then this post will be scored then rewarded to the players - both the winners and participants.

How to Play

To participate, upvote the main post and comment with a 4 digit number such as 1234 that's more than 0. Do not write the code out like one two three four as the scoring script doesn’t understand words. It's just looking for the first four set of numbers in your comment.

If you comment after the scoring script was started, your entry will be ignored. So make sure you get them in within 24 hours from this posting.

If you comment multiple times, only one entry will be counted.

How Payout Works

The posts STEEM and SBD from the first payout will go into the rewards pool. 20% of the STEEM and 15% of the SBD will be kept as the reward for the running of, development and maintenance of this game along.

This also helps cover any rounding up for anything that's below the third decimal place such as if someone won 0.0001, then it'd have to be paid out as 0.001 since Steem has a 3 decimal precision.

If there happens to be no SBD printed as part of post rewards until the market cap improves then 30% of the STEEM will be exchanged to SBD for that part of the rewards pool on the internal exchange.

In the unlikely event that enough people don't play, and no or not enough earnings for the post then the game will be voided and therefore no payout.

The payout stages are:

  • Step 1: 80% of the STEEM the post earned will pay out as Steem Power to everyone who participated(Upvoted main post and commented a 4 digit code) with everyone getting a minimum of 0.001.
  • Step 2: 85% of the SBD the post earned will be split between the people who guessed the correct code or was close such as only x +/- off.

Fair Hash: da4b1d23b7385fb28672bd70a1b493036c44367c30c668c51694dd2657898e67

After this round is over, this post will be updated with the winning number and a verification salt. If you SHA-256 hash the gameNumber + saltString + code you can verify the outcome matched the fair hash provided.

As this game runs over time and is played more and more this account earns Steem Power which isn't directly transferable. I have decided to donate the voting power of this account to Project Better. Learn more about the Project Better here

Game Results:

  • gameNumber: 24
  • saltString: ZPjvDTSLqPtOECXqCVXkVaSQQtTUAlkZ
  • Code: 7925
  • Winning Offset: 64
  • Participants: 77 each getting 0.043 SP and 0.001 Steem
  • Winners @thylbom each getting 0.648 Steem Dollars

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Are we all spamming our open port numbers now? xD

Love your game! Will be adding you to steemvoter for lifetime upvotes. So even if i don't play you still get a vote from me :)

probalistically, i am wondering if you should stick to the same number or change every time?!

1489 upvoted keep up the good work!!!

nice post 2105

thank you for the game

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