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What is SafeCovid?

SaveCovid is a very unique, powerful, transparent project. on the one hand SaveCovid can also be said to be like “SafeStore” or a fun gaming platform and the historic NFT market around Covid-19 with automatic donations to UNICEF. the team presents this great project for future needs. the presence of a project like this will certainly attract a large market investment, so what are you waiting for? opportunities are right before your eyes ,don’t waste this golden opportunity and it’s time for us to build a SafeCovid Family! don’t forget to join and be a part of this Great project

Features SafeCovid

  1. Auto-Staking by playing against covid-19 anxiety.
    SafeCovid is a three-levels auto-staking protocol on Binance Smart Chain.


  1. Rewards at every transaction

2% to holders, 2% auto-liquidity


  1. Three-Levels Auto-Staking

The more time you hold, the more you earn. At each new level your rewards increase.


  1. NFTs Historical Covid-19 Museum


NFTs Community Museum around Covid-19 to keep in memory this historical period.

  1. Play and donate

Play, earn and donate. 20% of game transaction automatically donated to UNICEF


6.Airdrop milestone

13 Airdrops related to the market cap milestone. (please see the Airdrop table at the bottom)



Total Supply : 7,000,000,000
Circulating Liquidity : 4,500,000,000 (64,28%)
Team : 1,200,000,000 (17,14%)
Airdrops Milestone : 650,000,000 (9,28%)
Marketing : 350,000,000 (5%)
Games: 300,000,000 (4,29%)
Autostaking protocol

At each transaction :

2% is re-distributed to all holders
2% is automatically added to the liquidity on Pancake Swap

Every transaction is limited to 30M SFCs in order to fight against whales that sell their bags all at once. Every 30M sales , SafeCovid price and whale bag value will decrease.

3 rewards levels for all holders according to hold loyalty time.
Level 1: new holder
Level 2: hold 45 days
Level 3: hold 150 days

Every month our best holders will receive a special airdrop in function of holding period


SafeStore is a mini-game platform. Soon, all developers around the world will have access on it, consequently all SFC holders could play and earn SFCs.

At the beginning the game publication will be pushed manually. In the future, an automatic protocol will allow it on the Safestore.

The first game developed by the team is LuckyDraw, a simple lucky draw (every 8 hours).

Rewards transaction games will be allocated according to this model:
70% for players
20% for UNICEF
5% for the game developer
5% for liquidity
NFT Marketplace

A market place will be opened for all NFT creators if at least one creation is linked to the COVID theme. NFTs will be deployed at the first time on the Binance Smart Chain and after on the Elrond Network. Each sale will be allocated according to the model below:

70% for the seller
20% for UNICEF
5% for the creator
5% for liquidity



Every week, one NFT will be chosen by community in order to integrate the NFT Covid Museum from a selection defined by the team.

In the future , a NFT decentralized selection will be submitted with the holder votes. The NFT of the week will be displayed eternally in the NFT Covid Museem with value collection for the creator and owner.

For more information please follow the link below:



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