Be cautious from unfamiliar websites.

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A link comes to your friend or your mail on Facebook, then you click on that link. That site may be more dangerous sites, including pneumothorax, malware, mail virus, and you may be damaged. Now the first thing to talk about is to find a site that is not from a friend of a strangers, but if you want to enter, then the link must be verified to be correct. To verify whether the site is correct:

  1. Do not open any browser, messenger in PC. If done, then close.

  2. Open "Internet Options" in Control Panel.

  3. "Internet Properties" will come.

  4. Then the 'Security' tab.

  5. Now you will see a scale at All Level below this zone: All that is in the Medium label.

  6. Pull the scale of the scale with the left mouse button, and see High in the position of Medium.

  7. If you do not want to open a site on your computer, click on the icon of 'Trusted Sites'.

  8. Then click on "Site" to block the site that will block the site in the box "Add this website to the zone:" in the box below:

  9. Then click on "add".

  10. Now come out and come out from the second Dialog box.

  11. Then click on "Apply" to "Internet Properties" and exit.

Now you can use the Internet at a much safer.Screenshot_2017-11-03-16-12-55.png