If you ever feel the need to cry, but you don't want to be sad....

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Good evening steemcadets!

I am sitting up late tonight feeling kinda down
For whatever reason upon my face stirs a little frown.
missing love and forgotten times pop up inside god not tonight why tonight...
gotta push the little thoughts that trouble me I push I push with all my might.
I think if one tear drops and not another
I may escape the sadness of a lonely mother.
I turn to youtube for ways to cry an emotional release wont be so bad
because I need to cry but I dont want to be sad.

I first look at videos of christmas time childrens gifts
they open boxes with puppies inside and my heart begins to lift!
Tears in little eyes and grateful kisses smooches planted on fuzzy faces-
I am no longer here but in joyful living rooms I'm in so many other places.
from there I venture to another clip,
and suddenly a salty tear touches my lip.
Have you ever seen a near blind baby get glasses and sight
she see's her parents for the first time and squeaks a tiny coo with delight.

This is a trick I have to teach myself
to dodge the sorrow by being stealth
little tricks to pass the night
give the sadness a hella fight
maybe tomorrow wont be so bad
that's just my way to cry without being sad tear.jpg


that is a heartfelt poem , well written too, I hope your mood has lifted a bit x

awww thanks girl. Was in one of those moods and I do feel better. I'm glad someone liked it... I was afraid it was a bit cheesy. I went to write a depressing post but with every sentence I started to write... I kept rhyming the last word of my attempted post in my head so I went with it. lol ;)

Btw... the videos of babies getting to wear glasses and seeing the parents for the first time was so real. the little faces are priceless.

no it was not cheesy , it is what you felt at the time , it is good to let it all out x

Thanks girl.

Really???? Awww.... I'll try harder next time! 💖 I almost gottcha! @layal

This is really nice and creative :) even though it is about a sad subject. hope your feeling ok:) it’s normal to be sad from time to time and shows real ness. Did you ever send me an email? I still want to chat about reality, AI and merging with machines! :D

I didn't. I have not been on steem lately. email me. my ADD sidetracks me. lol [email protected] I am on fb too. Sage Alexander in San Antonio, TX. (Sage automatic)

Cool I’ll message you now:)