Why You Should Embrace Sadness Instead of Pushing It Away

in sadness •  last year

A lot of us seek to avoid pain and misery in our lives. Instead, we choose to drown out sorrow by engaging in pleasurable activity that may not be good for our health.

Happiness is an ideal that many say we should strive for. But what if I told you that pain and sadness also have an important role to play in your life?

Yes, that's right. I believe that sadness and pain may be evolutionary. But why would they be? Well, why do we feel sad or experience pain? When something goes wrong, right? And what does evolution seek to do? To help us survive and thrive, right?

Now if something is wrong, won't it affect our survival? If something is wrong, will you be able to thrive?

Well, obviously, the answer is no, right? So taking that into consideration, I'd say that sadness and pain are indicators that something is wrong and that something needs to be fixed. So if you push away sadness, you're preventing yourself from growing and may even lead yourself to your downfall (or death!).

I know it's pretty hard, trust me. I have trouble accepting the reason behind my pain and letting it lead me in the right direction, but it really is for your best. If you want to achieve your highest potential, you need to listen to the sadness sometimes and change your course.

Have you felt sadness recently? What do you think it's trying to say? Feel free to share in the comments. :)

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