SteemitAchiever's First Ever Discord Live Contest!

Before we could even post our introduction entry, we can't help but set up a discord channel contest.

How we resort to this was very simple. We would like #steemitachievers members to engage more within discord than on Facebook messenger.

The group started with the said social media, all updates, announcements and even random chats were mainly done through that but since the group's numbers are increasing and rules had been set, we realized FB messenger can only accommodate certain number of heads in one group that thus, we initiated the Oplan # AbandonFB and found discord to be the perfect gateway to move.

Photo credits to @deeday31

Discord hosts a lot of steemit Groups as well and it is so far the best tool for the group's needs.

It's been a while since the group's channel was born but it has been very quiet. Thankfully, our ever supportive geek members @mermaidvampire and @Korincrafting were very persistent in revamping the channel.

Now we have a few bots hanging out in the channel. One providing jokes to entertain the members. There's Ayana for the music lovers while Banjo was recently added to update us with lots of information about the current value of Steem and SBD. Huge thanks to @surpassinggoogle for helping the group adding Banjo in.

Now, this sweet lady @Deeday31 had a perfect bright idea on how to make our discord merrier: A Discord Guess that Logo Live contest.

Our talented members love chatting about almost all topics so we truly believe that migrating to discord is a wise idea. There we could get more rooms for every member's needs. There are bots which can easily help us and number of members isn't an issue. Plus, discord provides us with more administrative options which we won't find on FB.

So, please don't forget to mark all your calendars for the first ever #SteemitAchievers discord channel live contest this Saturday, February 10, 2018, at 8 pm Philippine Standard time!

🌟 25 SBDs at stake! 🌟

10sbd from the generous steemit wallets of @Deeday31 herself and 15 sbds from of @junebride and @lebron2016.

Game Rules

✔ There are three rounds of difficulty:


The EASY round will be composed of four images/logos that the participant will guess or give the name of the logo. Each participant who will be the first to guess or name the given logo on the EASYround will have 1sbd.

The MEDIUM round will be composed of four given images/ logos that the participant will guess or give a name of the logo. Each participant who will be the first to guess or give the right answer will have 1.5sbd.

And on the HARD round, I will be giving five images or logos that the participant will guess. The one who will be the first to give the right answer on each corresponding logo will have 3sbd.


✔ Images/logos will be posted on the Steemitachivers' Discord Channel ''SA-DiscordContest chatroom'' on the scheduled date and time

✔ One person can only win 'SBD' twice. Once for either the first and second round and may able to join again in the third round. We will give chance to others too.

✔ Qualified participants are those who are members of #Steemitachievers' facebook page, facebook chatrooms, #Steemitachievers' Discord Channel and have been using the #steemitachievers tag too.


FEBRUARY 10, SATURDAY 8:00 pm Philippine Standard Time

For more information kindly refer to the original blog posted by @Deeday31:

#Steemitachievers' Discord Channel Live Contest # 1: Logo Quiz

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My deepest gratitude to those who made these things possible, and to @deeday31 for initiating a wonderful contest to attract SA members to be active in discord instead of FB. And of course to the generous leaders @junebride and @lebron2016 for donating SDB's to complete the prizes for the first round.

We will set a deadline so we could totally transfer our curation room to discord.

Way to go #steemitachievers!

Wow, i should join! :D go @steemitachievers! :D

Much thanks mate @deeday31 for this wonderful idea. I'll be joining this hehehe I hope my boss will just allow me. haha


You know bobo ako sa mga ganito haha


uy sama ka!


Thanks! Wala akong laban sa mga ganyan 😂😂😂😂


anong wlang laban? di ako nainiwala

Thank you sa mga nagsupport nito... Excited n kami pra bukas hehehehe


yes sis! don't miss it!

wow, mukhang exciting ito!!!

Tomorrow will be the deadline whoah exciting! Congrats friend @deeday31 we are so lucky to have you!

I will definitely join this contest! Thank you to the generous people who made this all possible, great initiative! :)

Heeey!! I'm so "outdated" Haha. I didn't know #steemitachievers has an account already. Very nice! 🤗💚