Hello, so proud to be here!

Hello everyone,

My name is Sadam Bubbles and i write to you from my shower in Montreal.
I know what i just said might sound strange, but please hear my story and all will make sense.

I started as a soap salesman little over a year ago, and now i am the voice of an entire community . Talk about a life story, huh?

It all started here:

Just like it my soap review, i paid for soap and got aromatherapy out of life, and i will teach you my secret to success if you'll request it in the comments thread.

Getting back to the matter, let's continue my success story and build of a zombie empire.
You want to know my secret? DROP THE SOAP !!!
As much money as soap can bring, it's nothing when you think how many idiots you can milk off their money in crypto. How? Simple. Wit these little tricks, you can become the whale (i don't mean fat) that i am now .

  1. Self proclaimed casino expert .

It's easy to become one. All you have to do is make a couple of videos timed just right for people to see what riches await them by gambling on specific websites. Instead of me taking all the riches, i selflessly make all these videos and share the wealth. Of course, i'm also affiliated or own the sites, so my true income might be either one or the other. I'll dedicate a post to this matter very soon.

  1. Mr OG of BURST.

I'm not exactly sure what OG stands for, but i see the kids throwing these words around and it sounds important. My key success to being an OG BURST man is not having a clue what i am doing. Confidence is the key! Keep telling that there is nothing more important than to artificially inflate the price of a coin 1200% because it's good for all of us, but make sure to be confident while doing so. They'll believe you and raise statues of your fluffy ass for it.

  1. Make a radio, give away 10 dollars per day and sell advertising

I mean how hard is it to start a radio station these days? Just google it.
After doing so, all you need to do is make a few coin drops here and there and keep your users engaged. After building up your audience to about 30 constant listeners (all listening just because they want free coins remember?) , all you need to do is create an asset on top of that and push it like there's no tomorrow. People will pay to advertise on a radio station that has 30 constant listeners right? Top dollar right?

  1. Kill any threat to the image you've built

If someone even tries to make a bad remark about anything you say, kick them off your forum. If you can't get people to shove their head so far up your arse so they can smell the garlic bread you had last week, you're not doing it right. Kim Jong Un got it right. Look at how happy his people are and how prosperous the country is. I mean they just landed on the sun. Follow his example and you'll be just fine.

These are my main 4 secrets, but of course i have more aces up my sleeve. Ask for it in the comments, and i'll take these points up one by one and further expand my secrets.

Welcome to getting rich with Sadam Bubbles!


LMFAO!!!! it smells so fresh!

I have to say this was pretty good. Adam is a pretty good scammer though. The guy has skated on a LOT of really serious shit and continues to carry on as if nothing has happened. But I can see an end in sight as more and more people start doing a little research on the guy.

Adam please make a tutorial on how to DDOS pools and kick devs, we want to learn it from an expert.

That's an insider secret i'm not willing to share right now.

Subscribe to me and watch closely and you'll learn to be a top notch scammer in no time at all.

Already subscribed to you, the real Adam on steemit. Can you believe some guy tried to impersonate you? Thankfully everyone downvoted him and his posts were hidden forever: https://steemit.com/burstcoin/@mikethemug

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