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in sad •  2 years ago 

You do not go dear
I will float in your eyes
I will go to the faraway stage,
I know you are mine, I am yours. . . .

You were in the middle of the heart
You're in every shihiro

You were in the dream behind, you're imagining
The obscure mind wants only Sarah, Sarah. . ! ! !
You can love if you want
You can join me if you want me
You can go back if you want
From my life
But you can not cheat if you want
With me ,
Because I did not give that right to you ..
Amar wants you all the time.. . .

A boy can live better than a girl. .

Just because you'll grab your arm
So many ways have passed,
Just because you love me
I have walked so far today. . ! ! !image

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