"SAC" (Steemarket Art Contest), Beautiful Spaghetti Bolognese

in sac •  last year


(Photo source: self)

This is my entry for Category 3 - ITALY (Artworks somehow related to Italy or Italian art)

Title: Beautiful Spaghetti Bolognese

Size: length 15 cm (6 inch), width 15 cm (6 inch), depth 5 cm (2 inch)

Date: made today - 29 July 2017


I made a spaghetti base from embroidery silk glued to a plate.

I then glued brown beads to represent the minced meat.

I added small orange beads to represent the bolognese sauce.

I added a topping of gold stars and long beads to represent parmesan cheese.

Lastly, I finished the dish with a sprig of green to represent fresh basil leaves.

Please feast your eye :)

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Wow as always. It was only after reading your words and zooming in that i saw it wasn't real spagbol


Tastes okay but just a bit too crunchy :)


That was a real recipe wasn't it?


it is just what I do to make real one but I made it with craft stuff

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