SAC (2nd Steemarket Art Contest), Welsh Beach Landscape Painting

in sac •  last year

Acrylic Painting 'North Wales Beach'.jpg

(Photo source: self)

This is my entry for Category 3 - Landscape (Both digital or traditional medium)

Title: 'The Beach at Portmeirion'

Size: length 20 cm (8 inch), width 20 cm (8 inch)

Date: painted today - 04 August 2017


I used acrylic paint on Daler-Rowney acrylic paper.

I painted while the tide was out. I sat on the beach of a branch of the Afon Dwyryd river facing the land.

I used sizes 2, 0 and 00 brushes.

Thank you for viewing.

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Nice! A lot of depth, good painting of a fascinating landscape :)
Good luck with the contest!


Thank you :)

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Beautiful landscape