My Entry in "SAC" (Steemarket Art Contest) - Summer Garden

in sac •  10 months ago

summer garden.jpg

Summer Garden

Category: 1. Painting and Drawing (not digital)

Title: Summer Garden

Size: A4

Date: Finished on 28th September 2017


  • First I drew very light pencil guide lines for my picture to establish perspective.

  • I started with the houses at the back. Using a variety of coloured ink pens with fine point sizes. I drew the outlines .

  • I drew outines of the fences, paths and paving.

  • I drew in the details.

The whole work has taken since you announced the contest until 28.09.17, working 3 hours a day because it was hard on my eyes as so detailed. I was glad of the extension.

I used heavy cartridge paper and coloured ink pens.

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I like your detailed art and explanation @deemarshall. Thanks.


Thank you so much for your kind comment.

Very nice with lots of small details. I am sure this took a long time to complete. Tiny details would hurt my eyes too.


I am pleased I finished it now. Thank you for saying that.

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