Entry for "SAC" (Steemarket Art Contest) - My Giacometti Style Sculpture - "Man and Dog"

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Man and Dog (Photo source: self)

Steemarket Art Contest

I made this sculpture in the style of the late Alberto Giacometti. I admire his work so much.

This is my entry for Category 2. Sculpture

The title of my work is "Man and Dog".

The size is: height = 35.5 cm (14 inches), width = 30.5 cm (12 inches), depth = 17.75 cm (7 inches)

I made this today, date 26 July 2017

Technique used for this artwork:

I used wire for the framework and plastic clay.


First I bent the wire to the rough shape I wanted.


Then I bent each piece of wire to a better shape.


I covered each wire section with plastic clay.




Lastly I joined the sections together.


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bravo follow me check out my music


Thank you for upvote :)

An Afghan Hound if ever i saw one


Yeah, he is :)
Thank you for viewing :)

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