Crypto Collectibles presents "SteemPunk" for Steemarket Art Contest #SAC

in sac •  11 months ago

Originally this was going to be just a pencil drawing, but elements I felt needed to pop with some blacks, and then colors.  Medium is just pencils, a skinny sharpie, and non-washable Crayola fat and skinny black, blue, and purple markers.  The colors also coincide with Saturday's #ColorChallenge of Indigo, which seems to be a color with not a super clear shared definition.

The SteemPunk was created a while ago for a Steemit Mascot challenge, but the original drawing was just the head and more or less a sketch of an entry.  Sketchy partially on purpose because that is punk.  Now is a fresh drawing made today just for the 2nd Steemarket Art Contest put on by @paolobeneforti.  Below is the process, drawn while listening to Danny Brown.


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Nice! I secretly creeped onto your blog to see what you posted about o.O
I didn't know you were into drawing! I really like that it's a skeleton. I've never drawn a skeleton before (still trying to learn how to draw regular people).


I never thought about it before, but it may pay off to learn how to do a skeleton first then how to draw people. Would really help with anatomy stuff.

I have to admit, I had the following window open on the side of me while I was drawing because I still do not know how all the things in me are connected under my skin, especially in dancing positions


I'm always looking at references too. I Google'd "stars" to look at stars while I was working on my title page. That was suggested to me before too, but sometimes I can be so impatient with my drawing, that I skip all the beginner steps. >.< I'm working on trying to slow down lol, so maybe I'll draw a skeleton for practice in the future.


Patience in art is amazingly hard, after using something like Gimp or Photoshop where you click a button and something is done, it's hard to slow down to take the time out to draw things, even for this "SteemPunk" it took me kicking my own ass to grab a sharpie pen and finish it out otherwise it just wouldn't ever be "finished" I probably just have this post popping around my head still. Good luck in future drawings, doodle a skeleton for fun!

Keep working hard one day you'll be able to draw.

Very cool, creative idea! i like the Steem hair and the upvote eyes! :D