Chaos in coastal water

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A group of fisherman from team B, started a chat group, inside chat group stating there is foreign fishermen at their fishing ground. They started sending info here and there to ask for all other fishermen especially from team A to come and help to protest. Fishers from team B even claim that they have inform the director of fisheries And somehow gave the impression that the authority is with them to help stop these foreign fishers.

So all local fishermen especially from team A show up to give support, and those local fishers (team B) key actors that started all this plays a role as Firestone, some fade away, making all local fishers especially from team A including their leader look like idiot as local authority found out there is no foreign fishers at the fishing ground in that very day.

"The mastermind" who uses team B key actors knows very well team A leader character and was sure that if the team A leader show up, she will take the lead and team A member will follow lead.

All team b key actors needed to do is to encourage havoc with goal to extend the time of the havoc as long as possible hoping that someone to make that special phone call to their friend named embassy.

Unfortunately out of the havoc, the team A leader did an unexpected move called "transfer". This move upset the mastermind as that special phone call was not made.

Team B member Now is positioning themselves as being there to just document, take photographs and video and now their fingers is pointed to Team A leader

Authority notice learned that all this happen is due to greed , but they don't see the mastermind behind this, it's not just about the fishers greed. It's about competing Kilang Ikan sardines that wanting to have control of fishing ground by using these fishers. That is way bigggerrr greed.. That is where the big money is.

Unfortunate for most fisherman, they are victim of an almost well executed masterplan.

Timeline in the chat group clearly shows what an awesome deceptive game was played.

Well played indeed. Well played.

*above is my personal view on the behind the scene stories on why the protest by tourist guides happen at KKIA , story relating to happenings in the sabah tourism industry in relating to tourist guiding industry, storyline was change to topic relating to fisheries. Moral of the story, to find out who is the mastermind , follow the money .

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