Why the worlds education system is totally wrong.

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Hi, I am Nuke-able and I'm here to tell you why our education system missed it by a long shot.

We study for test scores, and not for mastery...

A year ago, me and my friends were talking about our math and how all of us had gaps in our knowledge. Some of us didn't know something about algebra, some calculus, others drilled a formula into their head but didn't really know why the formulas work the way they did. So non of us knew every aspect of the math we were studying for.So the teacher would give us a lecture, then after that we would get some homework. The next day we would revise the homework, then lecture, homework, lecture, homework and this would continue for about 2 weeks until the test came. So we studied and struggled. The day of the test came and as expected the results varied. A few 70's here, some 90's there. others with 60's and even as low as 30's. So lets say for instance you got 70 percent for that particular test, what about the other 30 percent that you didn't know? We've identified the gaps in our  knowledge. Too bad the whole class moves on and you are forced to learn something even more difficult without the basic knowledge and/or skills of the previous subject. The next subject you learn is going to build on those gaps.

So we thought to ourselves,"I didn't know 30 percent of the more foundational work but I'm forced to move on to the more advanced subjects." And this continues for weeks and months until finally, you hit a wall. This is not because the subject in itself is very difficult or the student struggles to learn, granted everyone learns at  different pace, but it is because of the gaps in your knowledge and you are not able to apply basic algebra or geometry or whatever to your work and because there is an equation where some of that 30% shows up. It's here where you start to disengage from the work, because you feel like you suck at math, you don't know whats going on and you will never understand this. To appreciate how absurd that is, imagine if we did other things in life that way, say home building.

So we bring in the contractor and say." You have 2 weeks to lay the foundation, do what you can."

Maybe it rains, maybe some of the supplies aren't delivered...

So the inspector shows up and sees that the concrete is still a bit wet over here, that part is not quite up to code, eh I'll give it and 80%. 

Great that's a C, lets build the first floor. Same thing again,"You have 2 weeks, do what you can"

Repeat that for the third floor, fourth etc. In the middle of building the Fourth floor the building collapses. So who is to blame?

Maybe we needed a better Contractor, maybe  better inspector but what had a fundamental flaw was the process. We were artificially restraining the amount of time we had to do the task and inevitably, guaranteeing a variable outcome and we went threw the trouble of identifying the problems, but we went ahead and just built on that even further. So the basis of our education, as you can see, is flawed. We should be learning towards mastery. Instead of constricting the amount of time , i.e fixing the time you have to do something, pretty much insuring the variable outcomes like the A, B, C, D, E, F. We should be doing it the other way around.  What's variable is the amount of time you need and what's fixed is that they actually master the material. And what's important here is that it will not only teach them the skills they need to then master their tasks, it will also reassure them and reinforce a positive mindset. Just because you don't know 20% of the material doesn't mean its burned into your DNA or something, it just means you need to keep working on it. That's why I'm now homeschooling, for the individual attention and my own time to work on the things I struggle with. And a wonderful resource towards this is khanacademy.org. Yes my grades did improve, do i miss my friends? Absolutely not because that brings me to my next topic.


People always tell me I'm missing out on social skills and what not but quite frankly, who wants to socialize in a place where everyone breaks you down, laughs at you and when you stand up to them you're the bad guy. So my response is no, I'm not missing out but I'm sorry for you getting it.

I was bullied in my old school, but I'm not here to tell a sob story I'm just here to add another reason as to why the education system and/or government schools are flawed.

Teachers marking unfairly

Now I'm not saying this always happens but it does happen. A teacher might have a favorite student where they turn that 78 into an 80 or that 85 to a 90. Or the other way around, they might have a student that did quite bad which they have yelled on for the whole semester, now they turn that 40 into a 39 or the 50 to a 48. These things do happen and I've seen it happen to many of my friends. 

So all in all I hope I changed your view on our educational system, next time reconsider when your kid wants to homeschool, now I'm not saying give him everything he wants, I'm just saying it won't hurt to check it out

I'm Nuke-able and thank you very much for reading my post and upvoting if you liked it 

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So awesome that you homeschool. Give it your all! 😄

Thank you very much😊

What about the fact that we're being lied to about the Earth, space and most of what's In our history books Is also lies.

I don'nt believe in that, but i can't prove or disprove that the earth is round
but you do make a point , there are lies in schoolbooks

It's not about belief go and measure curvature, we are told there Is 8 Inches per mile squared. That's the problem Isn't It, we are told.

You are a globalist Freemason troll. So you put a video on here with a computer generated voice attempting to debunk Flat Earth. Why not a video with a real person explaining this or a video showing there's no curvature like below.

Im not gonna argue, sorry if i offended you, im not a troll you have the right to believe what you want

It's not about belief, anyone reading this please go out and measure flatness yourself with a laser, there supposed to be 8 Inches per mile squared of curvature, every test by people I have seen over distances from 4 miles to over 100s of miles show none.

Then explain why no one falls of the edge of the earth if its flat...?

I suggested a very simple way to measure curvature. Have you tried it? I have. It works.

I've seen many people measure flatness with lasers, the Earth Is flat.

Yep, do whatever you want, but I advise you to get on the right side of facts. The evidence for a round Earth is overwhelming, so it's a shame to be a flatearther especially keeping in mind that there is evidence that you can look at with your own eyes with very little effort or equipment required.

Of course you can disprove the claim that the Earth is flat. All you need is a view at any large body of water.

Option 1: hold up a ruler away from yourself and try to line it up with the horizon. You'll notice Earth's curvature. Do the same when you are on a plane if you get the chance. You'll notice a visible difference with higher altitudes.

Option 2: notice how incoming ships start appearing over the horizon top first. This means that the bottom of the ship is not visible because it's bellow the level of the horizon. The only way the water it sails on will be "lower" would be a curved Earth.

Those two should be sufficient. And as with any good science experiments, they are 100% repeatable by anybody that's willing to try them absolutely everywhere on Earth in every direction (as long as you are on the shore facing the sea of course).

I have watched some videos and i therefore agree , the earth is round as a marble 😂

You are wrong and what you suggested Is not science, people are measuring with lasers many miles of flatness, It's got so obvious the Earth Is flat that scientists have resorted to saying that refraction Is the reason you can see objects that should be hidden by the curvature.

Really? And what is not scientific about it. You make an observation and you check if it contradicts any of your predictions. In your case it will directly contradict your flatearther predictions, so be a brave little guy and check it yourself, no need for internet here, just the horizon on the sea.

Also, objects are absolutely hidden by curvature, as I told you, go to the seaside and use your own eyes. Don't use the internet, do it yourself and let's see what you'll observe.

Btw, have you never been on a plane? It's not a problem if you haven't, it's just really obvious from up there (as the horizon has more curvature).

Objects are not hidden by curvature, that's perception, the limit of our eyesight, when something goes out of your eyesight It has reached the limit of your eyesight, take out a Nikon P900 camera and zoom In and It becomes as clear as day for hundreds of miles, no curvature, you keep sticking up for the false globe model.

Did you take out a DSLR on the beach to look at the horizon yourself or are you just parroting? Pictures or it didn't happen ;)

Many people are showing flatness up to around 400 miles, with no curvature, not just that people are taking spirit levels on planes at cruising altitude the plane stays level for hundreds of miles, If we were on a globe the pilot would have to adjust for curvature.

Also It's impossible to land a plane on a North South runway on the equator with the Earth spinning at over 1000mph, yet planes do this every day.

While I largely agree with what you've said (having been a teacher and tutor over the past 4 years), i do take some issue with your lack of legitimate solutions.

Can you share some insight on what you think could be done in the immediate to get closer to your ideal? Or in the long term? I'd be very curious to hear your perspective!

That is a reasonable question, i admit it would be very impractical to give every student individual attention and their own paper, but it has been done before in an experiment over 100 years ago and the results show mastery of the material. the solution as such , as close as you can get anyway, is homeschooling

Homeschooling requires many things to be effective, though. Knowledgeable parents, a methodical approach to thinking, quality materials, etc. I do agree that it's a relevant option in some cases, but not feasible on a large scale.

Take a peek at my other comment below and feel free to leave some thoughts!

I've followed you for some future discussions, and I'd recommend you do the same if you are enjoying this back and forth!

I will thank you , but admitted i am an "above average" student with mostly 90's studying to become a chemical engineer and i did lots of reasearch this is truly he way forward for me

While homeschooling might work well in some cases where the parents have time, abilities and knowledge all lined up, in many cases it would lead to sub par results. Parents with lacking education will end up with children with lacking education and so will parents that don't have the time to devote on the project.

The parents aren't the ones educating

Then it becomes a matter of financial resources.

Also true, but considering what you are paying for...

An example of a possible solution would be putting much less value on marks. It has been done in countries like Finland with significant success.

Another thing that should be changed in my humble opinion would be removing some of the emphasis from knowledge and placing it on skills and abilities.

Montessori schools frequently take that approach, and it's the most effective form of education (properly applied) for children I've come across.

I think the single thing with the biggest impact would be privatizing education over a period of time. There is no competition in U.S. schools, unless you count the competition for federal funds by manipulating numbers or lowering standards to artificially raise graduation rates.

Privatization allows choice, choice promotes competition, and competition continuously raises the quality of schools. This is particularly the case when attendance isn't compulsory and students leave schools that are ineffective.

If you look around the world, you'll notice that the countries producing consistently the best results in terms of education actually rely pretty heavily on properly built public education systems.

There are public interest issues that are much harder for the private sector the handle efficiently. I believe education is one of them and if you look around the world and at the countries with the best results with that, the data seems to support that. All the countries leading the way on that are relying heavily on their public education systems. As anything else, it needs to be done right.

I think privatizing education in the U.S. would lead to even worse results in the US compared to other developed countries and I don't see why market pressures are supposed to actually raise the standard of education in the country.

Absolutely. I agree that those are the prime examples right now. However, you can't forget the deplorable state of education in the United States right now. Better in comparison to deplorable still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

I understand the challenges to privatizing education, and it would have to happen over a significant period of time (perhaps as many as 25 years), but id be happy starting with removing regulations on private school curriculum and allowing families to receive tax breaks when not using public schools.

A lot of this comes down to ideals and what is proper of government, which you'll see more of in my future posts.

The moment you deregulate the curriculum, you'll get a bunch of religious schools teaching creationism and all kinds of objectively wrong anti-science BS. Do you think that would be any improvement on education US children are currently getting?

The problem is not having curriculum, the problem is not having the right curriculum.

I can agree with your conclusion, though I do not believe curriculum should be controlled by the government, But that's another issue.

Your comments about religious schools are inaccurate, though - religious schools are not bound by the same laws as other public and private schools, nor are they held to the same standards.

I can agree with your conclusion, though I do not believe curriculum should be controlled by the government, But that's another issue.

Who else?

Your comments about religious schools are inaccurate, though - religious schools are not bound by the same laws as other public and private schools, nor are they held to the same standards.

Aren't they still held to some kind of standards? I meant this more of an example of how all kinds of kooks are going to be operating schools teaching all kinds of BS as fact. But I'd appreciate a more thorough correction of the inaccuracies you see in what I've written.

Also, followed for future interesting discussions!

You make some good points that I agree with. Constantly assigning marks to students is actually not really productive for most (besides those who excel under pressure and get good marks that feed a positive feedback loop allowing them to perform better and better and to have a boost of confidence).

The second one is a huge problem, too.

The third one becomes a moot point when you take out marks out altogether.

thank you for your feedback, i appreciate it

It's my pleasure, your post was a nice read on a topic I'm actually passionate about.

Well im very glad you liked it , i know what it feels like to talk about things you love , im inlove with cars therefore i love it when someone asks me random stuff about it

It is so easy to get left behind in the public system.

Very true
Thanks for reading artwatch :)

There are a lot of problems with our education and the main problem is the one you mentioned: the goal is to bring everybody to one level instead of nurturing talents.

Thank you for this insightful article.

Thank you for reading it 😁

I enjoyed it very much. Do you still go to school, tho? It read a little bit like that in one part

I am homeschooled yes.😁

Interesting. You got a much cleaner writing style than most adults - me included :D. If you could credit the pictures in your post, I might be able to give you more visibility

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