Funny Fact 1: When posts are downvoted or flagged, we do not know where the already generated SBDs go to. It's funny!
Funny Fact 2: Many whale accounts keep their SP even at 100% voting power as if the SP will grow beyond 100%VP. To me its funny afterall, voting power and manna will always recharge when we use them.
Funny Fact 3: We spend Steem sometimes to promote posts and they will still be ignored.

Thanks @esteemapp for this fun-filled moments.

Funny you, I hope whales don't see your comment.

Funny though True!

3 facts
Didn’t you know the 10,000th answer on was yours truly!
There is a professional footballer on Steemit. Do you know who it is?
You can still receive great curation voting before 15 minutes .

  • Fact 1: Steem ATH was $8.12 ah those were the days weren't they?
  • Fact 2: currently has 12 300 000 URLs indexed by Google. Thats a lot of posts!
  • Fact 3: STEEM's market cap currently sits at $80,355,509 USD

Hmmmmm... i didnt know that! Hahahaha thanks for sharing!

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Fact 1. DSound is fun. I just post three songs. It took me a long time to figure out how to login, it’s kind of embarrassing for me.
Fact 2. Once I logged in I almost gave up because I couldn’t upload my sound. I was trying to use AIF files. It just wasn’t happening possibly timing out, not sure.
Fact 3. I used Audacity to convert the files into .WAV files. After that I was able to upload my songs and by the time I got to the third song of the album I realized markup editing is excepted within the description area of the upload a screen.
Thanks @dsound and @esteem

Now you had given me some insights.. thanks!

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  1. Steem is the one of the first blockchain community that @coingecko is directly involved in.
  2. Do you know that @partiko's creator was a Blockchain Engineer with Airbnb and even worked for LinkedIn and Tencent some time ago?
  3. Do you know you can switch between different Steem RPC nodes using Esteem Surfer 2.0 and get the fastest connection based on what you like and where you are? (Super underrated feature people don't know they need yet)

    My favourite is of course!

3 fun facts about Steem and Steem related apps!

Fact 1:

With Steemconnect, you can log unto all Steem DApps

Fact 2:

Memes are amazing

Fact 3:

Some Avatar images used as profile pictures can make you laugh out your heart.

#funfact-1: Steem-Power is NOT a cryptocurrency. Technically it holds the number of vests you'd been in your account
#funfact-2: Your Reputation score is totally independent of either your Steem, Steem power and Steem dollars.
#funfact-3: Your single comment costs(RC's) you more than your 14
100% Voting does.

NOTE: The given facts is totally my research and true to the best of my knowledge.

  1. With steem, various applications have emerged to navigate Steemit, one of which is #eSteem which is under #steemit as the best partner at the moment.
  2. steem is currently exploring all over the world, from urban to remote villages, from the coast to the mountains.
  3. Steem gives new hope to cyberspace lovers. No exception for adults, young people and teenagers. All know steem and use the steem app.
    Regards @p3d1

Fun Facts

  1. Byteballs just decided to dash steemians a lot of dollars some months ago, lol

  2. Ned's hair contest made it to the trending page, lmfao

  3. Steem price this time last year can recharge my mobile but now it cannot even buy a drink at KFC 😁

  1. Steem is not Steam
  2. with STEEM I can buy something in Steam
  3. I write on Steemit to play on Steam

Fun Facts:

  1. esteem Surfer 2.0 rocks ! ... I wish I could download it at work (-:

  2. STEEM is still a great blockchain despite the minor/major debacle of steemit inc.

  1. STEEM has a great community that needs to REINVIGORATE ITS INTERNATIONAL presence !

peace / ty

1)Steemit changed my aspects in life,it helped me to gain self confidence which was lost during my life's failure.
2)Steem helped me to tackle poverty as salary is not enough.

  1. esteemapp that @good-karma generously upvoted my post.Thank you so much.
    Never mind the value but the value of the community that I met here around the world.

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in FYI, i'm getting an SDK error (something like that) when I try to post or comment from Surfer 2.0. Any suggestions?

Would you please try to log out and log in back? This seems due to SteemConnect issue (expired token)...

Have you managed to get it work?

no, i probably need to shut off my laptop. closing and reopening surfer didn't make a difference

By logging out I meant log out from your currently logged in user in Surfer. You have to click on your userhead avatar menu (top right corner of the app) and choose the latest menu item Logout and then try to log in back.



that did work, thanks

Fact :: 1
Steem blockchain is platform where you can meet many new friends...

Fact fun..2
The up and down of steem makes a weak heart into strong..

Fact :: 3
You can express you feeling
At different platforms of steem such as. Esteem and dtube...****

  1. You can schedule post in eSteem that can make your life more easier. You can plan ahead and not worry about your schedule.
  2. Steem price is going up and down, it's a roller coaster ride you can benefit from if you're smart. Sell when it's high, buy it back when it's low.
  3. Steem is like a magnet, it attract us to make more and more.

The first fun fact that I have of steemit, is the expectation that I generated when the price of the steem exceeded $ 8, it was as if the solution to all our economic problems arrived.

In second place is the spirit of writers and bloggers that steemit woke up in all of us who were not used to writing regularly hahaha, we became expert writers.

Third curious and funny fact is the fact that even when the low rewards are kept we do not abandon, we do not stop writing it is as if we had become "addicted" to this platform expecting a sudden recovery of our income related to steemit.

These are data that reflect our behavior before the changes that arise in this beautiful social network called steemit.
Thanks and blessings to all!

Fun Facts...

  1. Steem is a roller coaster. The prices moves up slowly but falls very rapidly .

2)The steem dapps which gets more publicity get shutdown very fast like dmania, dlive

  1. The more funniest of all...even if you want to keep away from Steem, it keep pulling you nearer. Steem prices nothing to do with it.


Fun Facts...

  1. Steem is a roller coaster. The prices moves up slowly but falls very rapidly .

2)The steem dapps which gets more publicity get shutdown very fast like dmania, dlive

  1. The more funniest of all...even if you want to keep away from Steem, it keep pulling you nearer. Steem prices nothing to do with it.


Do or do not. There is no try.

LOL yes master