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RE: Islam Statement is Speculative?

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I am Muslim and I learn about my religion. I read Alquran and Hadith as a literatures of Islam. About jihadism Islam have rules. Not we can kill humans as we want. as in the Qur'an verse at Surah Almaidah : 32 which basically says that who kills a human without a justified reason then he seems to kill all humanity. Islam never taught us to be terrorists. And any form of terror should not be juxtaposed in the name of religion. Maybe many people are wrong in learning about Islam to produce deviant thoughts. And many people also talk about Islam without learning from authentic sources. Islam for us adherents is the way of life, the life that nourishes life itself. caring for, maintaining, mutual tolerance and not forcing someone to enter our religion on any basis. if you want to talk about Islam then I beg to speak according to the knowledge that you read from the authentic sources of our religion the Qur'an and Hadith.

Thank you, which needs to be underlined, that I say what I know, our religion has never taught us to be terrorists as reported in extreme media.

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Why are you lying about Jihadism? Can you please stop lying? Jihadism teaches that the infidels must die in time of war. Allah commands Muslims to conquer the land they set their feet on. Infidels are people who are not Muslims. That means there can only be peace if every person on earth is Muslim. That means, that billions of people must be murdered because so many people will not become Muslim. Billions of people are infidels and Allah commands you to kill me.

I am not lying brother, I write about my religion as I know and I learn. Please, don't speak for hatred of our religion. Because if you speak on the basis of hatred then any true value of a statement you will never receive. your statement is weak, and I can argue it, but I have no time for that. I just want to say We are Moslem and we are not terrorist. Islam is peaceful, many religions I have learned in my confusion and I find Islam as the best religion without me being able to argue because there is knowledge that explains.

And what you see out there and what you declare, even one piece is not true. thank you, have your a nice day.

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Why are you not killing me? Allah wants you to kill me because I am an infidel. You are lying to me. I can show you what Islam teaches. You are lying. I can show you where it says it in the Quran and other places. For many centuries, Jihadism has been happening. You are lying about the past many many centuries.

Ooh.. you really wrong friends. We can't kill another without the true reason. I live in indonesia that the biggest Muslim in the world. Life together with another religion. You know in indonesia have 6 main religion, but we still peace in life. Please..don't tell me like you said that Muslim must kill people that not choice Islam as their religion. Is not representative of Islam. If you want said ISIS or another terrorism happened in the world using Islam named. Don't ever believed, Islam never teach us like that.
I know the people who do terrorism is moslem but not Islam teach. Please different between Islam and Moslem.

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Allah gave you a reason to kill. You live in time of Jihadism. You need to look at what your God, Allah, says. You refuse to look at what I am talking about. You are not listening.

I don't know how to explain you about this.. but thank you for your feedback. Now I know the real of people who hated about Islam because of misunderstanding, maybe if I had the time I would write about how to understand the truth about jihadism in Islam. I know we are different but loving our fellow human beings in my religion is part of two meanings of love that is maintaining relationships with God and maintaining relationships with fellow human beings.

Have your nice day 😊

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I am writing to you. I am telling you that I want to tell you a secret. You are saying to me that you do not want to know. I am writing these words and you do not see this. You are not reading this. If you were reading, you would either ask me what I was talking about or you may even look it up for yourself.

I am sorry..
But thanks for your kindness words.

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