Perks of the RV lifestyle

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Sitting at the pool this afternoon watching the kids play. Life is good! Having access to a pool almost everywhere we stay is a nice perk and considering that we pay a grand total of $560* per year for all nights that we stay within the Thousand Trails system, it is outright cheap!

This price includes everything (campsite, electric, pool, activities etc.) We already have well over 100 nights so far this year which comes out to less $5.60 per night and we're still not halfway through the year. The final cost for the year will probably be just over $2 per night! Beat that if you can ( not easy, anywhere in the world, especially if you consider that this is for the whole family ).

  • This does not include the original buy-in but I count that as payed off during the first year where our cost per night came to just under $25 per night including the yearly dues and the cost of the membership. If I include all costs it should be around $12 per night at the end of this year, still very cheap considering this is our total rent.

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That's the proof that you don't have to pay a fortune to have a good life. Have fun there!


Lowering your expenses are alot easier then raising your income. Our lifestyle is NOT expensive!