Mice in our RV!

in rvlife •  6 months ago


I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, today we discovered signs of mice. Under our bathroom sink something had chewed up part of a toilet paper roll. On closer investigation a smaller washcloth had also been chewed on and there were some clear mouse droppings on the floor too. Fortunately there are no signs anywhere else like in our food pantry.

I have now set 4 traps and hopefully we'll catch some overnight. After we get the once that are here I will put out some Bounce dryer sheets. that are supposed. to keep them from coming back.

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Whatever you do do not stuff the holes with steel wool. Steel wool is highly flammable. Instead get some of those copper scrubbing pads pull them apart and use that as stuffing.


Thanks for the tip! We will be storing the trailer for about two and a half month over the summer so I had started to think through how to prepare it for storage. I'm glad this happened now and not when it was stored.

I had heard others stuffing some holes with steel wool and also knew that it was very flammable (I have used it to start a fire with a battery) but never considered the implications of using it in the camper. I don't think the risk of a fire is very big but I agree that it would be better to use copper just in case.

Thanks for reading

We caught one over night. It got the cheese I used for bait out of all 4 traps but got caught in the fourth. No way to know if there are more bit I will set the traps again tonight.


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