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Her words were cutting sharp like a knife
Pointy, with edges piercing under my skin, making my blood run like rivers
The tears falling down my eyes were not enough to wash all this blood off
Because when a soul bleeds
No tear
No prayer
No drug
Is enough to heal it

Only time
Time and persistence
Patience and determination
Will get to lead me through this hell
And help me reach my haven
A place where her daggers will no longer
Find their target

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Original content by @ruth-girl - 2020 - All rights reserved
Originally posted on HIVE, also shared on my Whaleshares and Steemit blogs


Aren't you on vacation at the sea side? Two sad, but excellent, poems now. It's good to know you are not as upset as these fabulous poems make me feel.

We're not on vacation (I wish we were though). The nearest beach is about 12 km from our village so we can go for a swim every weekend 😀
And no, I am not upset, just found some old photos I had taken for a contest and then the words came... Thanks for taking the time to read!

Oh my, so these are recent works? They're really good.

Thank you! 😀

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Words can really be damaging, that's why the tongue is the only organ in the body cannot be tamed. The only way is to let it out and let it go, just like your poetry.

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