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Welcome to one more food post!

I usually post about my homemade junk food but today I'm taking a healthy turn and I'll show you what I like to do with my super healthy green beans when I just feel too sorry to give the leftovers to Dad's ducks!!


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In case you're wondering how I cook my green beans:
I saute a dried onion and a piece of garlic for 1-2 minutes, then I add a grated potato (because I don't like boiled potatoes unless they are in a salad), a grated zucchini (if I have one in the fridge or freezer) and sliced carrot and I give them a good stir for another couple of minutes. After that, I add my green beans, let them cook for a few more minutes and then I add the tomato sauce, water, salt, pepper, some dill and peppermint and two beef cubes. I leave them shimmer and usually serve with a piece of feta cheese and fresh bread.


So, green beans are for lunch. We have lunch, evening comes and it's dinner time. What do I do? I still have some leftovers beans but not enough for two people. I don't want to throw the food away, because it is still fresh. I need to improvise...

And here comes an awesome mother-in-law tip:

Make some pasta with the vegetable sauce!!

It's super easy, what I do is remove the beans floating in the sauce and mash them with a spoon or blender. Then, I put them back in the pot, add some extra water and once it starts boiling again I put my pasta in.


In less than 20 minutes I have a delicious vegetable pasta dish!


Some dried basil on top and some feta cheese on the side and our stomachs are happy again!!

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What do you do with your leftovers?

I wanna listen to your ideas, people!

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