Ruth Cooks: Easy Mosaic for the lazy ones

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How was your Sunday, folks?

Mine has been great!

With a visit to the beach in the morning...


and some nice balcony dinner with a friend in the evening.

And when you have guests what's a must for a proper meal?


A fast and easy recipe (that @trumpman loves) is chocolate mosaic. I made it yesterday for @mrblackbird's barbecue roof party and saved some at home for today's guest... and us of course (yeah, we have lots of sweet teeth in this house, guys).

ruth cooks divider 3.png

Made with only 5 ingredients I always like to keep around the house, this recipe has saved me a thousand times whenever I needed something quick and yummy.


The steps are very easy, just break the biscuits into small pieces, melt your margarine and pour it over them. Then, add the sweetened condensed milk, cocoa and liquor and give them a very good mix with your hands.



Get your mixture on some baking paper, mould it into a cylinder using your hands...
(Extra tip: do not wash your hands once done, just lick them until clean 🤣 )


and wrap it up like a candy.


Refrigerate for a few hours and you're ready to serve it!


You can use whipped cream, biscuit crumbs, cocoa powder, chocolate or colorful sprinkles, melted chocolate or whatever you can think of to decorate your mosaic, but it tastes really good without any extras.


I use the same recipe to make truffles too! The only difference is the shape.


And if you want an alternative to a birthday cake sometime...


with some wafers and a candle you can work wonders!

Hope I made your appetite!

See you tomorrow!

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