Getting ready for the big day!

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Tomorrow is a big day! It's my baby nephew's Christening!

I can't describe how excited I am and how anxious to see everything work out well. I have taken care of the decoration, along with my artist cousin who's going to help me set everything.

My sister has chosen the theme

Jungle animals!


And this is just a small sample of what we're about to make tomorrow!


We're gonna set a big buffet with lots of delicacies and the decorations are going to be scattered among the platters.



We're using different tablecloths as well, white ones with brown and khaki runners. We'll also have a tropical leaf garland and some torches on each side of the buffet - oh, I'm so excited!!




To make this pretty synthesis I used lots of the decorations I had bought for the wedding, lanterns, decorative cages, flameless candles and wooden balls. Some of the artificial plants were already in my attic and I had to buy a few extras to complete my "scene" and the craters... oh well, you know me, I see a crater I have to paint it and use it somehow 😋 - I just can't stop falling in love with this light pistachio shade!

If I don't get to see you tomorrow, then I'll definitely make a post on Monday to show how we did!

Fingers crossed the weather won't mess our special day tomorrow!

See ya!

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Have a lovely day!!!!

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