The 1st Alarm Bell, This Will Kick Off Everything - Episode 1754b

in russia •  17 days ago

The same company that warned about Russia bots created them. The IRS has three thousand handguns. The government shutdown continues and Trump is tweeting like crazy why we need the wall. Obama is building a ten foot wall around his house and Kerry wants a wall around his French estate. Trump tweets out about Syria. Putin writes a letter to Trump that they should work together. Place holders at the ready, players are being moved around, when the first alarm bell rings it will kickoff everything.

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Thanks again, Dave. The Truth will come out.

We absolutely need a wall!

A wall around the 69 sq miles of foreign occupied territory on the Potomic.

What the hell are they doing with any guns and ammo⁉️If they make war on us , we should make war right back . The IRS is an agency that must be destroyed , and everyone there should be charged with treason , because INCOME TAX is illegal❗️