Volga and Volga towns in the late 50-ies of the twentieth century.

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These photos I found in the online archive zhuranala "Life". In general, they lie there unsystematically, with a bunch of errors in the signatures. But personally for me their value is that they depict the Volga of the late 50's. I propose to make a short walk from Moscow to Astrakhan by boat along with photo correspondents of the American edition.

Captain of the ship "Krylov" P.A. Palkin

Wheeled steamer "Usievich"

While the ship is standing - you can swim and sunbathe

There is a raft dismantling

river Kotorosl' in Yaroslavl.

Motor ship Kuzma Minin goes on a cruise

Embankment of Stalingrad. 15 years ago there were fierce battles (photo 1958)

Passengers rest on the stern of the middle deck m / s Krylov

There is a passenger landing on the ship Ernst Thalmann

Motor ship Gastello. This is the first three-deck motor ship on the Volga


Evening on the Volga

ms Ernst Thalmann on the North river port of Moscow

ms Ernst Thalmann in Yaroslavl

The Volga sunset

Volga barges

Towing steamer Voroshilovgrad

New Gorky trucks are brought to the customer. GAZ-51, as well as the type ship "Big Volga" - the natives of Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod)

on a raid

river port in Kuybishev (Samara)

Kuibyshev river station, the cover of a set of postcards early 80-ies

steam ship Vladimir Uljanov-Lenin. Build in 1913, Decommissioned in 1965


Northern river station in Moscow. And on the contrary - a clean field.

Fire boat

Diesel electric motor ship Kazakhstan

Towing of sailing yachts along the Moscow-Volga channel

m/s Sofia


A monument to JV Stalin at the entrance to the Volga-Doska canal in Stalingrad. The monument was dismantled in 1961.

m/s M-189

Steamer Melnikov-Pechersky

Kuibyshev. The orchestra rehearses.

Kuibyshev, the sanatorium. Chkalov (former mud baths). At present, the water level is higher - the photo was made at a time when the hydroelectric power station in Balakovo was still under construction

A complex of sanatoriums. Sanatorium them. Chkalov - the far right

Ferry. On the deck - GAZ-51, ZiS-5V, UralZIS-355

Checking documents on the city beach. In the background - a wooden motor boat - earlier such in a multitude transported people across the Volga.
Some have survived to this day:

old river station in Kuybishev

HPP them. Lenin (now Zhigulevskaya HPP) - a rally on the occasion of the launch of the first hydroelectric unit

Gorky, the construction of the summer theater. He was on the Volga slope, under the hotel Russia, to the right of the Chkalov ladder. Around 2000 he was burned.


Gorky. The dismantled piece of the wall and the place where the Zachatiev Tower stood

Shipment of timber in small batches




steamer Zlatovyrsky in Yaroslavl

ms BT-2078

Astrakhan. Entrance to the Park of Culture and Rest. The poster "Quiet Flows the Don" hangs not without reason. In 1958 Sergey Gerasimov's "Quiet Flows the Don" came to the forefront, the main roles in which were played by Peter Glebov (Grigory Melikhov) and Elina Bystritskaya (Aksinya)

In the park itself, such a palace stood

The Astrakhan Kremlin

Pier Stavropol. Now it's Togliatti

Embankment of Stalingrad


Kostroma. Holy Trinity Ipatievsky Monastery. It is located at the confluence of the rivers of Kostroma and the Volga.

Kazan Kremlin. View from the square where there is a monument to Musa Jalil

Raft. The tug on the photo is of the RBT type, nicknamed "Robot"

solarium m / v. In the background is a tug of the Ozerny type (Ch-800). Now they are extremely rare on the Volga ..

M / w Academician Karpinsky (type Ozerny) in the region of Nizhny Novgorod. Taken from board m / s St. Petersburg, autumn 2008.

Alas, this structure did not reach us even in this form - Khusheutovsky Khurul. It is located in the village of Rechnoye in the Astrakhan region.
Current state

So he looked before the 1917 revolution:
This oldest Buddhist temple in Europe is a monument of military valor of the Kalmyk people and was built by the active participant of the war of 1812 by Prince Serebjab Tyumen. The project was created by his brother Batur Ubashi. The chapel (basilica) and the main tower are the only thing that has survived today from this majestic structure, which historians see as a kind of symbol of interaction between the spiritual and secular authorities of Russia of the XIX - XX centuries. (Information from the portal "Buddhism in Kalmykia")

Kuibyshev. Dacha with elephants. It houses the shop of one of the pressure pumping stations of the city Vodokanal.


House-Museum of Lenin in Ulyanovsk

And in conclusion - a few photos of the captain of the motor ship "IA Krylov" PA Palkin (unfortunately, while it is not possible to find more detailed data)

The motor ship "IA Krylov" is a three-deck passenger and cargo motor ship of the project 588. It was built in the shipyard VEB Mathias Tessen (GDR) in 1955. Owner - OJSC Moscow River Shipping Company, tour operator - OJSC Mosturflot

M / v "IA Krylov" on the Volga-Baltic channel, May 2009

The ship "Ernst Telman" is a three-deck passenger and passenger motor ship of the project 588. It was built in the shipyard VEB Mathias Tessen (GDR) in 1956. It is now called "Caesar". Owner -, operator - Caesar Travel

M / v "Caesar" found here - http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/ok1966/view/121637/?page=0

The motor ship "N. Gastello" is a three-deck passenger and passenger motor ship of the project 588. It was built in the shipyard VEB Mathias Tessen (GDR) in 1955. This is the first three-deck motor ship that came to work on the Volga. The first two ships of Project 588 - Sailors and Chkalov - were transferred to the Yenisei River Shipping Company (Krasnoyarsk).
At present the motor ship is called "Alexey Tolstoy"

M / a Alexey Tolstoy in the roadstead, photos found here - http://antonshow77.ya.ru/index_fotki.xml#y5__id25