Putin accused of stealing!

in #russia4 years ago (edited)

Yes, you heard right! Putin accused of stealing!

Under such heading it is possible to find articles in Yandex. The President is accused of stealing the series "Sherlock", the theft of a ring from Robert Kraft, the theft of history!??! However, everything is predictable, we love to use the verb "caught stealing" in relation to power.

Interesting and unexpected would be to open the article with the same title, where the theft charged with a Putin - a resident of Central Russia who are not in any kinship with the President. Why nobody writes? Perhaps criminals with Putin's name, do not advertise for obvious reasons. It's like that joke about the double of Stalin. "That's right, comrade Beria, to shave off his mustache and shot."

You ask why I wrote all this nonsense? Really wanted to see how clickable will title.

I apologize for curve English.