The Globalist Agenda

in #russia3 years ago

It seems like we are still in the time of noah when the Nefilines used to rule the kingdom earth as their own .they were the oligags of those times corrupts to the core like their for fathers blood thirtsy and ruthless to the core .

Just like in those days there is alot we can describe in our days about those days , the agenda is still the same . "to create a one world government without God" . That is what the globalist agenda is all about .

ThIs Oligags / cabal / shadow government push for their agenda every single day and we are now as always seeing that paly not just with russia and north korea but also with china their agenda is that at the end of the day , they bring the true doctrine of lucifer the fallen angle which will be the solution of the world after everything has fallen .

They may have a solid pklan but they have forgoten that ther is one true God who never sleeps and is forever watching , also has his own plan.

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