Russia's new president?... the HOTTEST candidate ever?!?!

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This Russian journalist, TV presenter and just complete beauty is running for office in Russia!

A controversial candidate, Ksenia Sobchak, has been accused by some as being somewhat of a "party girl" and is nicknamed the "Russian Paris Hilton" after presenting a popular dating reality show called "Dom-2"

Could politics in 2017 get any more interesting?!!?

What do you guys and girls think about this?


Well, I think, she could win, Donald Trump won

I think this is just a distracting maneuver.
The people are just tired of Putin. Tired of poverty, from officials, from endless price increases, from grandiose cost projects, from war, from endless theft of budget funds.
The power owns probes society, how to make it so that Putin's next term be legitimate.

Calling @originalworks :)
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