Russia's Military Exercise to Show Arms

in russia •  3 months ago

Russia's largest military exercise has begun on Tuesday. Millions of Russian soldiers are participating in the exercise. This week's exercise, called 'Vastik-2018 (Oriental-2014)' will last for a week. There are three hundred thousand soldiers, including three hundred thousand soldiers in China.

China and Mongolia's soldiers also participated in the exercise in Siberia's eastern region. North Atlantic Regional Alliance NATO condemned the exercise and said it is also a trial of large scale conflicts. NATO also described it as a major collision exercise.

AFP reported that Russia's defense minister Sergei Shoigu said this year's military exercise will be a bigger scale. It will take 3 lakh troops, 36 thousand military goons, 1,000 warships and 80 warships.

The military exercises are going to begin in the wake of the growing tension in Russia with Westerners surrounding Western countries and the allegations against Russia against ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Syria.

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