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RE: It's OK to Say, "I'm Not OK."

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Lovely piece:) I find it interesting how 'this broken world' leaves you wondering how people can get through life without faith that in the existence of a caring God. To me, this broken world is evidence that a caring God cannot exist. Maybe some form of indifferent deity who set the universe running and now no longer takes any interest in it exists, but I just cannot reconcile the pain and hurt that exists in this world with the existence of an all-powerful being who is supposed to be loving.

But that is just how things seem from the perspective of my own life experience. Others may come to a different conclusion and that is cool.


Thanks for your kind comment. It's not every day that someone disagrees with me in such a nice way :)

I can understand how you would arrive at that conclusion. There are a lot of terrible things that happen in the world. For me, I could never deny the existence of God because I've had a very personal encounter with him. I choose to believe that he is good and I believe the story of the Bible offers a rational explanation for why there is so much pain in the world.