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I survived the training yesterday yihaa! No, it wasn’t that bad actually. Yes, the training was heavy, but the evening was great!

We had a training with all the Challenge groups together, so not only the people competing for the RB400 challenge but also for the other challenges. All the competitors start with the same warming-up/fitness work-out. After this the Red Bull 400 and the Elements group will go out for a run together with coach Jerrel. The bike challenge will go on their bikes for their own training.

The program for the evening did look like this:
19.00 – 19.30 entrance
19.30 – 21.30 training

Our training was at the location I already added at my post yesterday. And yes you were right @steef-05 the running part of the training was indeed loose sand and running uphill! How did you know that location?

Well my customer is nearby this location, so I was there way to early. I enjoyed my dinner while doing a short walk through the area. Always better to be prepared and know the area (or is this a little bit cheating?). Well I wasn’t the only one early tonight so there was another guy early from the RB400 group. We had a little chat about the training program we had the last few weeks. Soon the gathering of the group got bigger and bigger. From this part the real fun started!

Why is this the real fun. It was really cool to see everyone motivated for 110%. Normally while you go out sporting with a group not everyone is motivated for 100%, there are always a few who join the team motivation for 80/90%. Not tonight I totally didn’t see any quitters while doing the workouts, and the talking before the training showed how everyone trained his/her ass off during the last weeks.

We walked together to the field from the parking and at the field Red Bull hosted a DJ booth at the inside off a truck. Always nice to have mental support with some beats while working out.


Small run through the field area

Arrange in 5 lines (ended with 6) and
High knees slow run
Butt kicks slow run
Crossovers (both sides)
Walking Side lunges

Static warm-up in a circle
Doing some yoga exercise like downward-facing dog
Coordination moves, don’t know the name for it (if anyone know please tell me I’ll add it to the article). First it was two times touch your left hand with your right ankle in front of you, then right hand left ankle in front. Left hand right ankle at your back, right hand left ankle at your back. Than we speed everything up. Faster! Faster! Jerrel starts to tell what you need to move first slow and again faster and faster. So like left hand front, left hand back, left hand back, right hand front, left hand back etc. Simple but challenging drill.

Back to the lines
Now without the bikers we started to do some real running
Short sprints where you need to win from your opponents in line and think about your technique. Doing it wrong run again! Everyone did run multiple times 😉
After this a short 6 exercises circuit with exercises we already had in the training weeks before. We need to repeat the circuit three times.

Mountain climbers
High to lower boat (and at the end write your name in the air with your feet)
Skater jumps
High knees
Squat jumps

Damn sunshine! 🤣

What’s that coming over the hill..!?

There we go the real running part starts right here! The hill was already lurking to us during the warm up and the fitness exercises.

First exercise
5 rows of people behind a line. Yes, it’s sprinting time again, but now in the loose sands of the hill. Lucky for us, we only need to go halfway (for now). Needed to run against my later buddy during the relays and some other people. Well I lost from Pieter and his long legs. Damn I always thought you needed to run uphill with small steps, his small steps where gigantic compared to mine! Pieter and I started to talk, he was training for the Amsterdam Marathon, and his plan was to run a marathon next year somewhere in Chili. It’s called the Patagonian International Marathon. Sounded like a real adventure. Didn’t hear from it before, but it’s on my list for now! First goal next year is still running the coastal marathon in my local area. But who knows!?

Look at those damn legs! 😅

During the talk we competed several times against each other, I started to run better and better in the loose sand but got only as far as a side-by-side finish. But in the other groups where fast runners to.

While resting those minutes in the line while waiting it was beautiful to see the faces from people after their run up that hill walking down. They all looked like they gave 100% and a smile (not all that big because some people where already wasted but there was a smile!). 🤩

Jerrel stopped the drill and told us about the next part. We would do a scouting part of the terrain for the next exercise a relay with a couples. 15 minutes of running. The start was at the foot of the hill, while you reached the top you needed to follow the pathway all the way to the end. There going down and along the line of trees you run back to the start. There you clap the hand of your teammate and you draw a line behind you name.

Jerrel expected everyone to run 2-3 times. Pieter and I looked at each other and said we’ll beat that for sure! I did the start, and wasn’t the first one at the top, at the pathway there was no way of passing opponents but running down that was my game, I passed so many people there. Running back along the treeline was running your ass of as fast as you can. Clap the hand of your teammate and there you go, finished 1 run!

Pieter and I made it 6 times each, Jerrel was surprised by the result (actually we where surprised to we were aiming at 4)!

After this the main part of the training ended.

Cooling down

Everyone gathering together in a circle again, and we needed to do some stretching and fun things.

After hours

Afterwards there was some talking (off course!) and making plans for after this fantastic program from Red Bull. Got a few people who wanted the same movies like I created for myself. So I said sure no problem we’ll go out for a run at the beach for some nice shots. So expect some more footage of me training at the beach. Hope you don’t mind?

Red Bull thanks for this opportunity! I'll cross my fingers for tomorrow when we will hear who has won a ticket to Austria.

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Nice workout!! They all look so motivated haha. The place is quite nearby where I grew up. I was actually in the area when you were training! Could have stop by to check it out I thought afterwards.