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Today Progressive Run together with the running gang of the track.
Starting slow and changing the target pace every two kilometers, progressively faster every time...

It looked to be an easy workout...
But we haven't expected such a level of, wind, humidity and temperature after having a strong storm last night...

Despite I feel physically strong, my heart tells me that it is still too early to "touch" depending which paces and speeds...

Also my FENIX 3 detected a worst lactate Threshold:


As you can see, the watch has detected correctly this value, which usually, in my case, used to be somewhere in between 166 and 167 bpm...
Actually, CONCONI test done in different periods of time, gave me values of Lactate threshold of 166.7 once and another time 166.8 bpm...

Normally, the Heart frequency on which Lactate threshold is placed is always constant while it is the pace or the speed that you are able to develop at that cardio level what is changing...

So, if I remember well, on June this year, my Lactate Threshold pace was 3'58"/km ... and on February was 3'52"/km or lower...

Lactate Threshold is the most important variable that a mid or long distance runner has to improve. It clearly diferentiates the zone on which your body works majorly aerobic or anaerobic...

Having a good pace value at your Lactate Threshold will ensure a good time in your race.

Fortunately, this variable can be worked and improved by means of a very well planned training plan... And this is what I am doing right now, BUILDING a good Aerobic performance...

Speed will come later on!



  • 8K performed in 40'
  • Average Heart Frequency during the 5K: 149 bpm
  • Total Length including cool down: 9.94 Km
  • Total time including cool down and stretching 60'

Remember you can always check my activity following the link below:

Breathe, Run, Dream, Live...

Keep on running!!!

@toofasteddie, proud member and author/promoter of the @runningproject initiative

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No need to be a masochist to run well... but a bit of pain could make you stronger. ;)

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