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Yesterday I did a countryside long run in the province of Ha Nam in Vietnam. I am staying here for the final phase of the project I am currently working on. I am staying in a in a very small town called Phủ Lý. To give you an impression of the surroundings I made some pictures during my run.

Dollar Cost Averaging NEO for every kilometer!
If you have been following me for a little longer you know that I''ll be running the Marathon of Berlin on the 16th of September. As an experiment I will be using a variant on dollar cost averaging, at which I will invest 1 dollar for each kilometer that I run in preparation of the marathon in both NEO and GAS. Below the overview of the past two months.

DateKMNeo PriceGas PriceNeoGas
25 February 201817.01$115.87$35.380.150.48
26 February 20188.19$121.15$37.420.070.22
27 February 201810.23$144.03$44.670.070.23
28 February 20188.04$142.59$42.830.060.19
01 March 20185.01$126.57$39.900.040.13
04 March 201819.05$120.29$
05 March 20185.04$118.89$
07 March 20188.03$105.40$29.600.080.27
09 March 20189.18$89.94$
10 March 20185.77$92.61$26.790.060.22
12 March 201820.02$87.82$
18 March 201823.15$52.97$15.180.441.53
20 March 20188.02$69.78$21.310.110.38
21 March 20188.06$76.14$24.420.110.33
24 March 201811.44$67.71$22.310.170.51
25 March 201816.29$64.83$
26 March 20188.27$58.22$19.560.140.42
28 March 20188.01$55.86$
01 April 201818.04$48.94$15.720.371.15

My weighted average price is now $88 for NEO and $26 for GAS. So the negative return is now 44 and 41 percent respectively.


A lot of nice photos from your run, thank you for sharing!

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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