Running for Neo #12 |Trail run | Total 138KM

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Hong Kong Trail Run
Today I did a trail run through Hong Kong. I started my run on mainland Hong Kong and used the fairy to get to Hong Kong island. It's quite a tough track as the the altitude differences are quite high, however the views on the south of the island are completely worth it.

Dollar Cost Averaging Neo for every kilometer!
Today I ran 23.15 kilometers which at today's prices get me a lot of Neo. I am now dollar cost averaging Neo for every kilometer that I run for only just a month and the prices have been extremely volatile. Can't wait to see that the price of Neo will look like and my average buying price when I will be running the Belin marathon in September later this year.

DateKMNeo PriceGas PriceNeoGas
25 February 201817.01$115.87$35.380.150.48
26 February 20188.19$121.15$37.420.070.22
27 February 201810.23$144.03$44.670.070.23
28 February 20188.04$142.59$42.830.060.19
01 March 20185.01$126.57$39.900.040.13
04 March 201819.05$120.29$
05 March 20185.04$118.89$
07 March 20188.03$105.40$29.600.080.27
09 March 20189.18$89.94$
10 March 20185.77$92.61$26.790.060.22
12 March 201820.02$87.82$
18 March 201823.15$52.97$15.180.441.53

23.15KM Oh my god . you are just bind blowing bro

Get out there, tie your shoelaces and run!
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