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RE: The WUU2K 2018 - the race that nearly got away from me, again.

in #running3 years ago

This might just be the longest Steemit post I have read from start to finish! ;) You really have such a great story-telling ability. I am finding you crazy ultamarathoners more and more intriguing lately. Not sure if I'll ever take on the challenge myself, but if not I enjoyed going along for the ride through your words!

Take care of those legs! Hopefully you'll get those injuries healed up and be back to the trails soon.


hehe thanks for that. I am known to be a bit verbose when it comes to writing. (and this is the edited down version!). Thanks for sticking with it all the way to the end.

The thing with ultra marathon is that it is more of a mindset thing than a physical thing. There were people much older than me that beat me over two hours. And they probably did it smiling and chatting away with the other runners.

Once you know you can do it, then it's just matter of doing it and enjoying it. Going into the race I had no doubts about going the distance, because I've done the distance. But the first year,I had no idea if I could do it.

And now, I'm looking for bigger challenges to see if I can do them.

You jut never know what you can do until you've done it and had the beer afterwards. ;-)

As for my legs, they get one more week off to rest and then they are back into it.

I'm not running a holiday camp here! hehe

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