Running Tips: What you need for a night run/hiking on the mountain

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i'm gonna share with you some tips about trail running or hiking in the night...


1.Don't follow a path that you haven't ever follow in the daytime...

It's recommended to already know the paths very good!

2.Prefer paths,which are marked good with phosphorescent signs...


3.Go with other people

It's not so safe to be alone on the mountain,even if you are an experienced runner or hiker.

4.Check the weather

Check the weather broadcast,prefer a day without hard wind and rain.

5.Inform your family or your friends that you will go to the mountain, and don't forget to charge your mobile phone before you leave from home.

6.Equipment and Clothing

1.Trail Running shoes or hiking boots

2.Running belt with pockets or running/hiking bag

3.Windstopper jacket
the weather sometimes on the mountain is unstable,so maybe you'll need this.

4.Running or hiking clothing(shorts,leggings,dry fit shirt...)
Also wear something phosphorescent so in case of emergency the rescue team will locate you when their lights are upon you...

Also this is useful for the night runs in the city . The drivers can watch you better on the street.

and the most important....

Head light


Bring extra batteries with you


Running in the night doesn't mean that you are not gonna sweat ,so you need a bottle of water or isotonic sports drink.
Also you must know where you can refill your bottle( in the refuges or fountains).
Also bring an energy bar with you.

8.Be VERY CAREFUL on the downhills


Running in the night will not only tire your legs... also running with a head light tires your eyes and your mind,because you have to be very concentrated in where you step.
On the uphills and in the straight points of the course is not a big problem,but on the downhills a mistake maybe will bring terrible consequences.

Be silent! Don't wake up the deers!



Just kidding!

Hope you found my tips useful.
The pictures are taken by me during a night run on Parnitha mountain in Athens...


thank you!


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Its very nice to have such a connection with nature.
Just a friendly advice.
Since you like running up in a forest consider to get some amateur radio licence so you could have a vhf radio with you.
You never know what you are going to meet up there.
GSM network is not always accessible inside forest.


ok,thanks for the information!I will check it

Why would people choose to run at night as opposed to waiting for some daylight?


that's a very good question! Because some runners prepare for ultra trail running races( 50 miles,100 miles)
and will be on the mountain all night, so they must train for that :)
I am not preparing for a ultra race ,i did it just for the experience ;)


So then, now that you are experienced, will you do it again or stick to daytime?


surely i prefer daytime,but if a friend of mine will tell me " let's go for a night run" ,i will follow him,haha



thank you!

Good one, thanks! And resteemed as well :)


thank you! :)

Nice post! I guess you're greek?


thank you! yes, i am from Athens,Greece


I would never run at night, I live near a forrest that I know like the back of my hand, but running at night is something else. Keep it up, I'm going to read your posts one by one, I'm into running myself since a little while. I wrote about how I got into it in my post yesterday :-)


thank you! i followed you back :) ,yes,running at night is something else,i agree

I tend not to run at night unless there's no alternative, but these are good tips. I'm not training for anything in particular, so I'll fit it in around work etc


yes,surely it's better to run in daytime. I'm glad that you found these tips useful, thank you very much!