Terrain Racing Obstacle Course Race In the cold rain this morning

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I am one of the FEW people to complete the entire course!

Holy crap that was a fun run. I have to say that I am now seeing how people can become addicted to the Spartan races and other such obstacle races. It helps that I am an occasional climber and runner, but the best training for the race was, BEING A FARMER! A large number of the obstacles were involving some sort of farm labor. Dragging, carrying, flipping, running, climbing, I mean it has it all. 15 obstacles were setup with about half being non-structural. I made the multi obstacle on my first try which has balls, bars, and climbing holds to traverse. The Tarzan swing I got on my 3rd try which was to most tries for me on any obstacle. All the others I got first go. I was not the fastest but I was steady the whole way.

My wife, @stryeyz, made it to the Tarzan swing about 2.5 hours after I did since her wave started at 9:30 and apparently I was one of only 10 people to have completed the obstacle by then. 😲



Seriously I did not think there would be that few people who would complete the course and every obstacle. I am still awaiting the posting of the results but this is the highest I have placed in a race, EVER! The finisher's medal is HIGHLY useful as it is a dual sided bottle opener with magnets to stick to the fridge. I was actually close to placing in a paying position. Here is my activity on my Garmin page.



I will say it now, the pics on the site show much harder looking obstacles which may be used in southern states or more populated areas. Not to take anything away from it but my expectations were of more, harder obstacles. This felt JUST like the Air Force basic training course.

I am going to use this as my Runforsteem run for the week, and I am getting it done at the beginning this time, though I just missed out on last week. This week should be more likely to get a few outings.

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Oh, very cool read! Always nice to read of the active people out there doing Tarzan swinging while you sit on your ass, too tired to walk to the fridge...

I’m really intrigued by this swing though, shame you didn’t have a fan taking a pic of you on the course. Hehe.

Glad to hear you had a great experience. I keep seeing the word ‘Spartan’ everywhere and have not a clue what it is really, only there’s a lot of enthusiasm!