Around the Mormon Temple... my 4 mile run turned into an 8 mile run #runforsteem #FiftyRunsTillMay 8 of 50

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2018-02-14 Pano from Mormon Temple.jpeg

My friend, Anders, commented on Strava Looks like you got lost a million times :) Nope, this was mostly what I planned to run. I estimated that it would be 4 miles (which often means it will be 5 miles since I suck at estimating distance when running lots of streets in a neighborhood). Things changed when I saw I could get onto the Mormon Temple grounds... and no guards stopped me as I ran around the whole place.

###Why the Mormon Temple, David?

There was a gaping hole in my heatmap that I wanted to fill and yesterday was the day. I had left a route in and out to make as little overlap with past lines as I could. The streets I was running were on 2 sides of the temple which is purposely dominant in the area with a golden statue of the Angel Moroni facing east. (Urban legend has it that someone stole the original Moroni from the Los Angeles temple using a helicopter.)

Aaaaaaannnywaaaaay, I wasn't stopped by guards. I took both staircases down to the bottom of the grounds. I ignored a Do Not Enter sign (it was for cars, right?) I discovered an apartment building on the grounds. And a whole bunch more! Even better, the gaping hole is only for the smaller section of a school and a Catholic church now.

The Run (aka Details Details)

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 4.03.44 PM.png

Purpose: Aerobic run to fill in the heatmap. Keep it toward 4 miles as I was scheduled to run with a friend early this morning. This section is all hills so I figured I'd have to walk uphill a little to keep my heart rate down.

Fueling: Maybe I'm not planning in a holistic way. I decided to kickstart ketosis a bit since I've been a bit lethargic so I did a modified fast. I didn't have protein except for some bone broth which was for the electrolytes more than the protein. Other than that, I had some veggies and fat. I was surprised that I was fine until mile 6 or so when I had a pack of almond butter. My legs started telling me I was at my limit after passing mile 7. Otherwise, I was fine. There may be something this fat fueling stuff.

Results: I walked a bit and with the temple grounds open I ran 8 miles resulting in my postponing this morning's run and taking a rest day. I'll ride the bike later. It was one of those days where I didn't want to leave the house and I'm glad I did!

The Sights & Sounds

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What an interesting place. I like how you're using heatmap motivation to keep your aerobic runs interesting.

Thanks! I’m going to start writing up my running challenges this weekend. I have to admit I have a thing for my heatmap now like never before. ❤️

You look pretty tired in that last pic. Must slow you down running in long pants and a coat. 😁👍


You know how it goes... sometimes you need a break.

I’ve certainly felt like that after a run!

Nice job! Just logged my weekly #runforsteem

Thanks! Happy to read you had such a good run.

Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible, nothing unattainable.
-Kara Goucher

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I love it when I double the intended training distance... just because it feels right :) Great run! Onwards and upwards!

Wow. Nice run and great photos :)

additionally to mentioning the challenge pls put the link in ur post. welcome to runforsteem

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