Aborted Due to Ankles (#FiftyRunsTillMay 4/50)

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Purpose: Aerobic run after meeting in Santa Monica to start filing in the grid above the cliffs.

Result: My ankles started hurting less than 1/2 a mile into the run. At first it felt like it could be from my switch to road. It’s possible I’ve ramped up mileage too fast (4-5 runs of ~5 miles each).


Analysis: As I walked back, it felt more like my Achilles (make that plural... Achilleses?) which would point to my shoes. I’ve been wearing Altras for several months. I’ve felt like I’ve adjusted to them. They are zero-drop which means the Achilles’ tendons get stretched more.

Plan: I’m going to try running in my Hokas next run. They are maximal both in drop and cushion. They also have significantly more arch support which sometimes is good for my plantar fascia and sometimes sets them off.

Rule: Be a kind coach and don’t run when it’s a bad kind of hurt.

Request: If you have any thoughts on what else it could be or what I should be doing to work through this, please comment. Thanks!


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Sorry to hear you had to abort your run but sounds sensible. Almost all of my niggles have been as a result of footwear - either incorrect or worn out.

Like your "bad kind of hurt", I guide my runners similarly: If it's painful, rather than uncomfortable, then stop and rest!

Hope it recovers soon.

PS. Wow on the number of upvotes!

I don't get upset about these things anymore. I view it as part of my journey. Of course, if it is an extended injury, I have to admit those get me down.

I separate pain and soreness. I stop when there's pain (I didn't which led to worse plantar fasciitis than I should have had) and I miss the soreness of ramping up mileage.

As for the upvotes, I was surprised and wondered what happened. Since I believe in honesty and transparency I'll share what I figured out: that's how @smartsteem works. It controls the votes of individuals instead of controlling delegated SP. 😳

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