Saturday's Morning Run- Running Adventures Ep 10 - Winter Is Here!

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No more mud!!! or at least for this run. Finally the long awaited snow covered the trails, so I put my "man pants" on and my winter gear of course, and headed out into the soft, wet snow.

I quickly found out that my trail running shoes are not waterproof and that is a bit of problem because I'll have to be on the look out for some upgraded shoes, but I'll worry about that when the time comes.

I ran my usual route and extended it with 2 km of up and then downhill on the forest trails. The setting was like a fairy tale, with everything being white and no noise except the sound of the snow settling gently down. I think this was my first real run in the snow, and the felling was more than amazing. Running tends to be pretty demanding on the joints, but snow adds a hole new dimension to it and gives the feeling of stepping on clouds. The usual shock that you feel in the knees and ankles is replace by the nice, comfortable feeling of the snow absorbing the impact. Running downhill was especially fun and care free.

I didn't break any speed records but I manage to add 2 km and around 100 m of elevation to my run without actually feeling it so that's a definite step forward. I'm slowly approaching the stage where I can run the race distance with the required elevation gain comfortably. 

A bit a of a faster pace was to be expected ( even though it didn't happen)  because I had a light meal before going for the run. It consisted of a banana and a pancake made with whole-wheat flour, which I tried for the first time and tasted great. 

I definitely felt a bit more energetic with some food inside of me but maybe running fasted improves the body's usage of glucose. More experimentation and reading is required. 

Running in the snow is something I recommend trying at least once, it's awesome :) Stay active and take care,


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The snow is so magical! I can see why you feel like you were in a fairytale. Nice job, you ran really far. I hope to try fluffy snow run someday. Hopeful it will be in a forest just as pretty :)

Thanks for the share, keep running and steeming.


Thank you for dropping by :) I think the weather will be cold enough to provide some fluffy snow in January.
As for the running part I still have to work on my distance but I appreciate the compliment :))

wow that looks amazing, we don't get much snow where I live so I don't think I will ever be able to experience running in snow x


Maybe one day you will, you never know where life takes you :). Thank you for the comment and for reading my post.