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in running •  11 months ago

It's official: in about 2 months on the 27th of January I'll be running on the forest trails, hopefully in the snow and not the mud :). 

I've been eagerly awaiting for the organizers to announce the race so I could register, and in just 2 days more than 70 people signed up, out of a maximum of 150 people for the distance I'll be running. I guess I'm not the only one who is excited for the opportunity to suffer in the cold :))

Like I said in previous posts, the race will be 15 km long with about 450 m of altitude gained (according to the gpx file provided by the organizers), and all of it on forest trails. Of course the race day conditions will play a very important role, but for me that's the exciting part: to run in the cold, in the deep snow, maybe even in blizzard conditions, who knows? Anything except mud and rain because that will be kind of a downer. 

The race profile doesn't look that intimidating except for that big climb at the end, that will certainly require some concentrated effort in order to make it runnable to the end. Because of that, not going full speed in the first portions of the race will be crucial in order to preserve some energy for that last bit.

I've never been so excited about a race before, I hope I don't screw it up somehow, but whatever happens you'll be able to read about it  here and have some fun at my expense :).  Stay active and take care,



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Awesome! That is so cool! I have never done a running race, but have always thought it would be an incredible thing to be a part of and accomplish. I am looking forward to hearing all about it. Good job committing to something like that, to push yourself in a healthy way. You are brave, I have a hard time with the cold :)


Bravery is best evaluated retrospectively :))) but thank you for your kind words,as always I appreciate you dropping by and hope the dog is recovering well.


Thank you, he is doing great. Animals are remarkably resilient.