Weekly #runforsteem Report - Why Does My App Keep Doing This?

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Greetings! So today, I did a fairly casual FOUR mile run with some nice bouts of speed interspersed. Emphasis on four miles as this is the second time my app has saved the run like this. It will literally say 4.00, I will stop and it saves at 3.99 miles. To the non runner & maybe even some of my running folk out there this may be no biggie, but it's incredibly annoying to me! It's done this on other exact distances too. Weird!
Another thing it's doing is having a GPS lag. One lap IS one mile, but as you can see it made me run just a little farther each time. In other words the mile markers should not be cascading but on top of each other.

Oh well! I still had a pleasant run regardless of what the GPS was doing. Anyone else have this problem? It's a semi consistent issue occurring once a week or so. Maybe the cloud cover?

Anywho, this is my #runforsteem weekly run post initiated by @jumowa. Check out his post for the rulez:

Thanks for visiting & stay well. ♡

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I'll be honest, never been able to run or experience this "high" some speak of, so wow! did you run through the settings?

Thanks! It does give you a nice endorphin flow. The settings seemed to be okay but its worth experimenting.

All GPS watches are inaccurate... The accuracy of them depends as well on the capacity of signal receiving which depends as well on the weather and athmosferic conditions and also if you are in an open area with or without trees and buildings.
Also, if you have curves and turns, the GPS is not able to calculate exactly the curvature or the radius, it depends on the algorithm they use.
The most accurate device is an athletic track and a chrono watch.

That makes sense track running doesn't offer varied terrain though.

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Yes, this has happened to me before on my app/watch. You're definitely not alone. Its usually why I will always go slightly over if I am just doing a training run to make sure my run is not under. I can always handle 4.08km better than 3.99km.
Regards @run.vince.run

That's smart. What annoys me is it SAYS something different than what it records so yeah I'll just start going a little over for my own sanity lol