[OSRS HCIM] Neko's Sets Chapter Zero

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So I found this osrs series on youtube where someone limits himself to one area at a time, achieving all goals in that area before moving onto another. This series was called "One Chunk Man" by Pookaguy.

(Episode 1)

(Episode 2)

Other series have spawned from this such as this:

I found it interesting and decided to give it a try myself. For my first attempt, I've decided to keep to a tradition of lumbridge starting point, but if I die, I'll choose another spot. Since I'm HCIM I don't need to worry about respawn, so I can choose anywhere I wish. For now, though I have decided I won't be making my account a member at least until I get my main to a point where I can get bonds easily, though I realized a better name for my character and would love to change it, but I guess if I end up dying I still have that idea.

Here is the map I use to determine where an area begins and ends.


I need to kill all monsters in the area, equip the highest gear for each combat style (melee, ranged, and magic), chop the highest tree, mine the highest ore, smelt said ore, fish the highest fish, burn the highest log, etc so long as it's doable with the unlocked areas.

Once that is all said and done, I will move on.

Objectives of the area:

  • Chop and burn yew log
  • Wield Mithril Battleaxe
  • Wear bronze med helm
  • Wear Bronze Kiteshield
  • Wear Red Cape
  • Wear Brass Necklace
  • Wear Bronze Bolts/Arrows
  • Wear Blue Wizard Hat
  • Obtain all beads
  • Make Bronze Bar
  • Spin Wool
  • Kill Goblin, Man/Woman, Imp, Giant Rat, Rat, Ram, Duck (with ranged/mage) and Cow (with ranged/mage)
  • Do as much with quests in the area as possible.

It's been two days since I've started, here's my progress. The first day was busy on the account.


Unfortunately, I got 2 cooking on tutorial Island because I thought you always burnt the first fish at the beginning so I got two of them. Not too big of a deal, but it annoyed me for sure.


After that, I got level 2 woodcutting. I took a couple hour break (that was quick) but when I came back I got busy af.


First thing's first I got 7 woodcutting and then began burning logs, getting 9 firemaking and continuing this until 10 woodcutting and 13 firemaking.




After this I began getting my strength up and I did a cycle between the three.






I got 11 hitpoints as I was training my attack.



I can't tell you how many times I have attacked an npc with full health only to end up running away with 1 or 2 hp. Welp back to the woodcutting grind.






I started wasting my time on defense. Then I realized defense wouldn't be needed for these early monsters if I got my attack and strength up to kill them quicker. They don't hit accurately nor highly anyway. At first I thought the only access to food I had outside of monster drops is the single cabbage spawn in the lumbridge castle's cellar, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a garlic (or onion I don't remember tbh) spawn in the first floor of the general store. They both heal 1, but I at least have more than one spawn to go to for health boosts.


I got total level 100. At this point, I plan to post mostly achievement based images in this chapter. The next chapters will be more organized. Hopefully.







And the last thing I did on day 1 is get 8 attack and 30 woodcutting.


The next day I didn't spend a whole lot of time, but I spent a couple hours on it. Instead I opted for my main, as I want to get at least one 99 in my lifetime. I spent 5 hours in NMZ. Anyway, back on topic. I started with woodcutting and of course firemaking.





Then I got 10 attack at giant rats, to my surprise (again, a pleasant one), giant rats seem easier than the other monsters I have fought thus far (man/woman, imp, goblin, and ram) despite having higher stats. I got hits more consistently, making them quicker to kill. The only issue is that they're next to the borders. I can step on the borders, but I can't cross them. Which with imps, I can't tell you how many times I've nearly crossed the border because of their teleportation. I even decided to allow myself to accidentally cross it 5 times before starting a new account because I just came so close that it's likely to happen at some point.

Well, now I have food that heals 3 hp per item, and I can obtain them rather easily while also training combat. Two birds with one stone.

Screenshot from 2019-04-17 00-04-16.png

Story of my life.

And the last thing for chapter zero is level 4 prayer.


My current stats:

Screenshot from 2019-04-17 03-27-27.png

Objectives complete:

  • Wear bronze med helm
  • Wear Bronze Bolts/Arrows
  • Spin Wool
  • Kill Goblin, Man/Woman, Imp, Giant Rat, Rat, Ram, Duck (with ranged/mage). I haven't killed a cow yet. Hopefully it's possible with the distance.

Accomplished in:

Screenshot from 2019-04-17 03-27-16.png

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