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That's right... it all started when I first joined Runescape with some of my middle school friends back in 2005..  It was a simple time for me killing peons for little nuggets of gold and killing chickens to get my cooking lvl up and sustaining my hitpoints in battle...

Jumping a few years ahead.. I realized that being poor in Runescape world felt the same as being poor in real life.. it simply sucked... I used to look around at players showboating their phats, godswords, third age equipment and feeling inferior and emasculated.  "Why can't I have the things that they have? What is it that makes them successful and not me?"  I vowed that I would one day be as rich as them and prove the little voice in my head that I couldn't do it -wrong.  All I asked was for one way I could prove my worth, one strategy that would work for me to make my millions.. And one day.. the Runescape Gods smiled down up me.

Out came the Grand Exchange.  The Grand Exchange was a market exchange that would allow anyone player to buy almost any item in the game for the "market" price.. The initial market price is set by the developers but then eventually manipulated by the players. However, the revolutionary aspect of the Grand Exchange was that you can save the time and effort of going through a 1 to 1 transaction physically.  Instead of buying and selling to a specific person, you can buy and sell on the Grand exchange which have hundred and thousands of buy/sell orders for the same item. And so I would slowly but surely gain profits by buying low and selling high.  I would sometimes try my luck at selling items for higher in person in a crowded world by the Grand Exchange.  I eventually took my peasant ass status and hit my goal of 500m.. My actual goal was to purchase a phat but by then I decided to take a breather as I was spending too much time playing Runescape and not enjoying the REAL WORLD lol!

It's been almost 7 years since playing runescape but somehow when the cryptocurrencies picked up a lot of steem(pun intended), suddenly I felt like a little kid playing my favorite game and my inner entrepreneur/salesman persona expanded knowing that there is a lot of money to be made.. Though I know I'm back to square 1 in terms of capital... I have confidence that if I can do it in Runescape I can do it in Cryptospace as well.  Of course now that we are talking about real money, I understand things are more difficult and serious... But the point I'm trying to make and the most important factor for me is that like Runescape.. This is something that I truly enjoy doing.. I guess at the end of the day I really just enjoy getting a GOOD DEAL!! 

Till next time... Thanks for reading!! Upvote/Resteem if you enjoyed the read!! (Also shouts out to @calaber24p for giving me the idea of a Runescape related post!! <3)

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Runescape screams so much nostalgia for me :,)

@Itachi funny I'm finding your profile I Drew your eyes earlier today haha


That's awesome!! I used to draw Itachi's eyes as well when I was a kid :)

I had the same kind of experience, I have been playing since 2005 to and last year started messing around with the stock market.

I found that a lot of skills in Runescape like the economy helped me out a lot lol!

I haven't been cleaned in real life like I sometimes do at the Duel Arena though.... TOUCH WOOD!


LMAO!! Great response, you get a follow good sir :)

sell ags 2 coins what kinda picture is that...?