An early morning run effects your daily routine and success!

in run •  9 months ago

Hey Runners,

Want to share my morning trail with you in the heart of Germany.

Woke up and switched on my activity mode.


With my new Garmin Fenix5s device I needed to check my running fitness, gps and fun level.

This is what I experienced:

At the end, after wet feet, slippery trails, massive front wind and a totally lonesome morning I got home after 1hour and 600kcal less.

It’s worth getting up in the morning, however hard it is. Program your brain the day before and just do it. No snooze, no excuses.
If you want to be successful, you need to focus on a goal and believe in your strength, that you can achieve that. All achievements from your sports acumen is transferable to your business or private life.

Raise your standards!

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